5 Best Free Software to Burn a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray

For many, saving files or burning CDs is a thing of the past, but still today compact discs and DVDs are one of the preferred sources when storing files in physical format, even over USB. Although Windows 10 incorporates by default a program to make backup copies in these formats, it is true that there are more efficient options and with more options that will make the most of our CDs and DVDs.

If you are still from the old school that prefers to save your most important files, photographs and videos in a format that cannot be deleted, you will surely be interested in this article. Here you will find what we consider the best programs to burn CDs and DVDs so that all your most precious memories can stand the test of time. We hope you like them.

Burning Studio
Burning Studio

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

At first the name of Ashampoo may not tell you anything, but it is a recognized company for making software and tools of unsurpassed quality and all of them completely free. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free follows this scheme, being an ideal program to make backup copies on CDs, DVDs and even Blu-rays.

As for its interface, Ashampoo Burning Studio Free is very simple to use and totally viable for any user not well versed in the world of technology or computers. Its key is based on keeping all your options simple, easy to understand and work perfectly.

As the only downside, although Ashampoo Burning Studio Free is a completely free program, to use it you will request your email, something that may not please the lovers of your privacy on the network.

Burnaware Free

Burnaware Free is a very easy and intuitive tool to use but also really powerful. With it you can make backup copies of both CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and even boot disks for your system. Its interface is very intuitive and very accessible for all types of users, so in the blink of an eye you will have your copy made without problems.

We recommend that during the installation of Burnaware Free, you look closely at the extras to install since it is likely that many of the additives are not necessary.

WinX DVD Author

WinX DVD Author is a tool designed specifically to create video DVDs so it is not the perfect program if what you want is to burn CDs. WinX DVD Creator can generate all kinds of DVDs from files on your PC, such as importing them directly from streaming pages such as YouTube.

In addition to being a powerful DVD creator, WinX DVD Author allows you to edit your videos before burning them to the disc and even add subtitles. Ideal for lovers of the audiovisual world.

Deepburner free

If you do not want a program with many complications or additional options that you are not going to use, we recommend that you download Deepburner Free. This tool is frankly useful for creating data CDs, audio CDs, DVDs and even system boot CDs.

Although Deepburner Free is an excellent program, it has limitations, although if what you are looking for is a good CD recorder that allows you to backup your data without problem, this is undoubtedly the program you have been looking for.


As the name implies, DVDStyler has been created so that you can generate your own DVDs in addition to adding fully professional interactive menus. DVDStyler allows you to record your videos, edit them and then use one of its many menu templates to give your videos a completely professional look.

In addition to the quality of its recordings, one of the strengths of DVDStyler is that it is a DVD recorder really easy to use and with an easily accessible interface even for newbies within the world of CD burning. Highly recommended for everyone looking to create professional video DVDs.