Best free apps to watch IPTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick

To watch IPTV or use applications for this purpose, it is not necessary to have a specific decoder and there are many other gadgets that we have at home that allow us to do so. For example, the Amazon Fire TV allows us to install free IPTV applications that will give us the option to play IPTV lists, M3U or M3u8 lists.

We must bear in mind that some of the best free applications for IPTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick will be found in Amazon’s own application store and we will only have to search for and download them. But not all. In some cases, we will need to download the APK to our device and use an application that works as an installer, but it will only take a few minutes and we will be able to play the IPTV lists on the Amazon Fire TV Stick even if you don’t have a smart TV.

Best free apps to watch IPTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick

What to keep in mind

Using IPTV apps is legal. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television or Internet Protocol Television. It is a technology that can be used to distribute a video signal through broadband connections over the IPTV protocol. Generally, a decoder is used for this, but normally we can use applications that are compatible with devices such as your Amazon Fire TV Stick and install them directly without having to buy anything else.

Is it legal to use them? Yes. But it depends. IPTV technology is completely legal but you may always hear it linked to fraudulent use. In other words, using it is legal, although there are many who sell access to content illegally, recoding the signal and broadcasting it through IPTV. It will depend on the use given.

It has some advantages such as high quality and generally we get personalized services according to each user but it also gives us many playback options and extras like record, stop playback, rewind.

What should we look at

The first thing we must take into account when choosing applications for IPTV on Amazon Fire TV is what we must pay attention to when choosing, what we must know before betting on one or the other or which is the best according to our needs.

Some of the criteria that we can take into account are:

  • Personalization and features

That the applications for IPTV adapt to our needs and have all the functions that we may need to reproduce all types of content. Applications like Kodi allow us to install add-ons that give us the necessary tools to configure everything we want and need, adapting to our criteria and needs and being much more complete.

  • Security

That IPTV applications are safe and trustworthy is also essential when choosing. There may be many applications on the Internet that promise us that they will fulfill their function but that they are a scam or may pose a risk to our data or our security. It is important to only use trusted applications and seek information or opinions about them first.

  • Compatibility

It is obvious, but we must take this into account: that the IPTV application that we are going to install is compatible with the operating system of the device on which we are going to install it. In this case, they are compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Best Apps

Once it is clear to us what IPTV is or whether or not it is legal and what we should look for, there are some essential applications that cannot be missing from our Amazon Fire TV if we are going to see this type of list on our television.

Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV is one of the leading applications for managing IPTV lists on a multitude of devices. It is no longer in the Amazon store, but its version for Android can be downloaded without problems.

You can install the app on your Fire TV device by entering in the Downloader app or in the URL field of your device’s browser. This will download the APK file. Later, with some program like X-Plore File Manager and giving permission to install from unofficial sources, you will be able to install it on the Amazon dongle.

If you previously installed the app from the Amazon Apps store , first try installing the app from Purchased Items in your Amazon account, then manually update it to the latest version. You can still update the app using Settings -> App update or by manually installing the new version above.

GSE Smart app IPTV

VLC player

As one of the most famous media players, VLC Player could not be missing from the Amazon store. It is one of the IPTV applications par excellence and one of the best that we can have on our device to watch all kinds of content, not only compatible with IPTV lists but with any video file.

VLC is one of the most popular players for all types of formats in recent years, and it is so in its own right, since they have great compatibility with all types of systems that allows us to play almost any format without the need for additional codecs, it has a compact and elegant design, in addition to being free source software (or OpenSource software), of course it is free, and offers a large number of tools, for video editing, format conversion, screenshots, and the one that we see today It concerns, that of being able to watch IPTV channels from our Amazon Fire TV.

The way to proceed to use it is really simple:

  • The first thing will be to download the program.
  • Once we have it, we open VLC on our Fire TV.
  • We accept permission to access internal storage.
  • We go to the Exploring section and enter the Transmissions option.
  • We type the URL of the list with IPTV channels that we want to play. If you don’t know any, your favorite search engine (Google, Boing, or whatever you prefer) will be your best friend. Look for “IPTV channel lists” or “TDTChannels lists”, and investigate*.
  • In the event that we have the list in M3U or M3U8 format, we must select it from the Internal memory option.
  • Once we have entered the IPTV list that we have, the channels will begin to play automatically.

*Here we will find lists that update automatically and notify us through private messaging groups. At our disposal we will have television lists, radio lists, and even combined lists in different formats. Obviously there are restrictions on the part of the broadcasting channels, and that is why not all the lists contain the same channels.

As you can see, its use is very simple and it will only take us a few seconds to learn how to configure it and start using it.

GSE Smart app IPTV


Probably one of the best known and best if you want to watch all kinds of content on your Amazon Fire TV Stick because it allows us to add add-ons with many functions and tools that make it much more complete than other similar websites or applications. Kodi is for almost everything.

Kodi is a most interesting and customizable multimedia center, thanks to the installation of different add-ons and it can be installed on Fire TV Stick. Of course, it is not in the Amazon store either, so we have to get hold of a Kodi APK file to be able to install it on the Fire TV Stick using the Downloader application. How can we install it? By following the link you can download the most up-to-date version of the APK for 32-bit ARM processors, since it is the system compatible with the Amazon device. Later, we will have to add the lists of IPTV channels. There is a long list of addons or complements to view the IPTV or M3U lists on Kodi, although we are going to opt for the one that is easiest to install: PVR Simple Client.

The concrete steps to do so would be the following:

  • Open Kodi
  • Go to the Addons section
  • Tap on the “Install from repository” option.
  • Open the section that says “All repositories”
  • Once here, go to PVR Clients.
  • Within the previous section, select PVR IPTV Simple Client.
  • We enter and click Install.

Once we have followed these steps, we can have Kodi installed on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and start using it to watch IPTV, as one of the most recommended apps. After installing it, click on the Configuration tab and go to where it says “Route to the M3U list”. We look for the path where we have downloaded the IPTV list file and click OK. We restart Kodi, and we open it again to start watching IPTV on Kodi for Fire TV Stick.

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