What is LinkedIn and how to use it: Create a profile to find a job

It is unusual nowadays that looking for a job involves handing out CVs to get a company to call us. Social networks and specialized websites have made everything work through the Internet, including this process. And among all the employment websites, LinkedIn is a social network designed to connect professionals, so that you can find a job or find candidates for your job offer to hire in your company. What is LinkedIn ? If you have always heard about this website or application and you do not know what it is about, we will explain it to you.

The first thing to keep in mind is that we can access it from the website simply by accessing LinkedIn from the browser. But we can also access the social network or platform from the free applications that we can use on iOS and Android if we download them on mobile phones or tablets.

What is LinkedIn and how to use it


What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network designed to find employment or to connect companies with professionals. It defines itself as “the largest professional network in the world with more than 774 million members in more than 200 countries and territories.” A social network that has been operating since 2002 and that seeks to bring together all kinds of people with a common professional interest. You can use LinkedIn to look for a job, to show your portfolio or resume or to offer employment.

Each user can show their work experience on their profile or we can use LinkedIn to find job offers at that time. We can also join different communities with interests that call our attention , we can connect with other professionals and it even has other functions or tools such as online courses that allow users to improve their training or even receive digital certifications that prove that you know how to do a task. specific.

Creating a LinkedIn account is free and we can use the social network at no cost, following the steps that we will give you in the next sections and filling out our profile with all our personal data and our work experience.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is free, a social network that we can use at no cost and for which we don’t have to pay anything except to register and create our profile by following the steps that we will explain in the next sections of this text. But there are also premium plans that we can pay for to unlock more features and tools. All premium plans have a free trial month that we can cancel at any time to see if it is worth using them.

Career : A plan designed to “ get hired and progress in your career ”. It is priced at 34.99 euros per month and you can cancel at any time. Add extra features such as seeing who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days, five InMail messages per month, salary information, job recommendations in which you will appear among the main candidates, information about companies or access to more than 16,000 LinkedIn courses Learning as well as other tools that will help you prepare interviews, for example.

Business : Another plan that aims to expand and strengthen your network to promote your business and find and connect with the right people. It is priced at 49.99 euros per month with annual billing and allows us unlimited viewing of people, company information, applications or jobs or salaries, etc.

linkedin premium Sales Navigator Core . Designed to find sales opportunities and with all the Business functionalities as well as others such as finding potential clients and accounts in your target market, obtaining real-time information for personalized communication or the possibility of forging trustworthy relationships with clients. It is priced at 79.99 euros per month with annual billing.

Recruiter Lite. It’s the most comprehensive plan with all the features of Business plus finding qualified candidates faster, connecting with better candidates directly, and the ability to build relationships with potential employees. It offers more advanced search filters, candidate alerts, suggestions, recommendations… And it is priced at 159.99 euros with annual billing and a free trial month to get to know all the functions.

How does it work

Once we have filled out our Linkedin profile, we can publish content in the feed so that your network can see what you write, what you do. All types of content that you consider may be of interest to other people, for example. In addition, we can also go to the “jobs” section where we can see job recommendations designed for us or open processes that fit our profile and to which we can sign up by filling in the data.

publicar linkedin

LinkedIn also has a chat with which we can contact all kinds of people who are part of our network both to receive course recommendations or simply as a professional conversation tool or to make contacts that may interest you at a work level.

chat Linkedin

Create an account and profile

If we want to create a LinkedIn account, the steps are very simple and we must register with an email and a password.

Once the email and password have been filled in, we must fill in our name and surname and we will follow the steps of LinkedIn by tapping on “Continue”, We will have to follow the steps that the web shows us to fill in our profile with information such as our country, code Postal, city… We will confirm all the data and we will answer questions that LinkedIn asks us at that time.

crear cuenta Linkedin

When we have done so, we can access our profile to add a photograph and to add all the data to our profile. When we are on LinkedIn we will see our profile and we can tap on the icon of a pencil in the upper right corner, to add the different information related to our academic experience and our work experience.

Editar Linkedin

We can add the current position, other previous jobs but we can also add everything related to education or academic experience: schools, courses, degrees, postgraduates… We simply have to fill in the LinkedIn boxes with the start date and end date, etc.

Linkedin Educacion