Elegant, simple, fun covers for AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is fashionable and thousands of users around the world already have their case with the first headphones of the Apple range with noise cancellation. Beyond the functionality and the match that these headphones take off, the truth is that many users are looking for some to incorporate a case into the case. I know to protect it or wear a beautiful design, we have compiled some of the best covers for AirPods Pro and at a great price.  

AirPods Pro covers

The classic silicone, simple and elegant

fundas silicona airpods pro

For less than € 8 we can buy one of these silicone cases, which offer a touch very similar to the silicone ones of the iPhone. The colors are not many, but they are the most prominent as you can see in the images. The design is simple and also serves to protect the case of the AirPods from scratches and also comes with a carabiner that will allow you to hang them on the trouser ring.

The funniest covers with animated characters

fundas divertidas airpods pro

These cases, also made of silicone , are probably the most fun. As you can see in the picture, they emulate characters of all kinds: from Mickey Mouse or Mike Wazosky, to Olaf and SpongeBob. Without a doubt, these are very interesting cases with which to make a difference and also not to confuse you with a case if your friends or family also have AirPods Pro.

Anti-fall case and cover

funda carcasa airpods pro

Nothing happens if you are a person with a tendency for things to fall to the ground, in fact I am like that, that’s why some manufacturers bring us cases and cases like the ones we see here. This pack consists of a silicone case with carabiner for the AirPods Pro case, and on the other hand it incorporates an accessory case in which we can also store the case. All this offers us obvious protection, but also a beautiful design away from the cartoons we saw earlier.

Lightweight anti-scratch and anti-dust cotton cover

Fundas AirPods Pro

This is undoubtedly one of the most elegant covers we find, available in several colors. It has a cotton filter in its design to make it more protective and prevent it from accumulating dust and other dirt.   It also resists bumps and scratches very well, so you can not worry if you fall to the ground.

BONUS: turn your AirPods Pro into a Pokémon accessory

fundas pokemon airpods pro

The fun cases that we have highlighted above are very cool and if you like that kind of designs and you are also a fan of Pokémon, you will love these cases. You can convert your AirPods Pro into a Pokeball, a Snorlax or a Pikachu. In addition, and this that stays between you and me, from the same link you can also find Sinchan covers .

And you, do you use covers for AirPods Pro? What do you think of these? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.