The Best Fantasy Games for Android 2019

fantasy-gameSometimes what most appeals to a player is to plunge into a fantasy world and become a medieval warrior or a powerful wizard. That’s why we bring you a list with the best fantasy games for Android.

Fantasy has been one of the most classic themes of video games since its inception. It has also been a classic of role-playing videogames, which is a genre that we will see a lot around here. Which was already inherited from the desktop role-playing games, which have always been based on fantasy. Without further ado, these are the best fantasy games for Android.

Final Fantasy VII – A classic of classics

The first game is Final Fantasy VII, well, the whole saga of Final Fantasy in general. We can find all the classic games of the saga. But we have chosen its seventh version as a representative of the saga, since it enjoys great popularity and many consider it the best release ever.

Released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII became the most iconic game in the popular role-playing saga. Put yourself in the shoes of Cloud and immerse yourself in this incredible adventure.

Price: € 9.99[adinserter block=”1″]

Order & Chaos Online 3D – MMORPG for Android

A genre that has always worked very well on PC is the MMORPG ( Massive Multiplayer Online Rol Playing Game ). Massively multiplayer role-playing games, such as World of Warcraft. As our phones are already beginning to be powerful enough to move games of this style, this is what Order & Chaos Online 3D proposes .

A multiplayer game where you will have to level up your character and be willing to overcome the most difficult dungeons.

Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free[adinserter block=”1″]

Sorcery! – Epic read

This game is quite far from the conception we have of fantasy play. Sorcery! It is closer to the fantastic novel that has existed for centuries. Although you can fight with enemies, everything will be told in great detail. Choose each movement well since it will be recorded as if it were a book. .

Developer: inkle Ltd
Price: € 5.49[adinserter block=”1″]

Eternium – An eternal adventure

If you want to live an epic adventure for a player, Eternium is your game. Move around the maps defeating all the enemies that you find along the way, which are not few. With simple controls and option to cast spells by sliding your finger, it offers an experience perfectly optimized for mobile phones and that you can play in the vast majority without an Internet connection.

A complete fantasy experience, completely free.

Developer: Making Fun, Inc.
Price: Free[adinserter block=”1″]

Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG

The next game is Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG. A bearer of dark magic lurks over the world. And after years and years of peace, a militia is prepared to stand up. You enlist on your own to help defend the people. What you don’t know is that fate has something prepared for you …

Price: Free[adinserter block=”1″]

DRAGON QUEST VIII – Another Japanese classic

Again we have chosen a game that represents the saga, DRAGON QUEST VII is one of the great games of the saga, but in the Play Store we can find several of them. If you do not want to pay the almost € 22 that costs its eighth version (the most mythical of the saga), you can start with the first installment, which barely reaches four euros and with its graphics will allow you to move it on any mobile, since it was launched in 1989

If you don’t know Dragon Quest is a role-playing saga where you will have to go in a world full of monsters and you will have to overthrow them. Epic adventures with Yuji Horii and character designs made by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball.

Price: € 21.99[adinserter block=”1″]

Pixel Dungeon – Dungeons for Everyone

Another option is Pixel Dungeon. This game is more classic, they are entirely dungeons in 8bits. You will not be immersed in a world built to detail, simply in dungeons, but any mobile phone can move it.

Developer: Rodrigo Pan
Price: Free[adinserter block=”1″]

Soul Knight – More dungeons

And finally we have Soul Knight. The game is similar to Pixel Dungeon, but with more colorful and detailed graphics, but still very light and interesting. In addition the weapons are very different, and you even find more modern firearms, but all with medieval aesthetics.

Developer: ChillyRoom
Price: Free

These are our recommendations for best fantasy games for Android. Any recommendations of your own? Leave us your favorite fantasy games in the comments!