How to send your Android screen to a Smart TV or Chromecast

android-to-tvSometimes you would like to show some of your mobile on your living room television, or you would simply like to have a more expanded view of what you see to navigate more easily. Well don’t worry, it’s possible. We tell you how to send your Android screen to your TV.

There are two easy ways to do it, one is through a Chromecast, the other through a Smart TV. In case of not having any of the two, external hardware would be needed, such as an HDMI adapter or similar. But if you have one of Google devices or a smart TV. We tell you how to do it.

Send your Android screen to a Chromecast

First of all if you have a Chromecast. In case you don’t know, a Chromecast is an official Google device that connects to your TV via HDMI and to the current. With this you can get on your TV certain functions that normally you could only have on a Smart TV. To configure this device we will need the Google Home app, and this same app is the one we will use to send our screen.

Once we have our devices configured, we open Google Home. There we will see that it indicates that we have our Chromecast active if we are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. We will click on it and we will see that a window opens with certain options at the bottom of the screen. Click on Send my screen.

Cómo enviar pantalla andorid tv chromecast

Once we click there it will ask us if we want to send the screen of our Android to Chromecast. We say yes and it will already be playing on TV, we will open a volume control.

chromecast enviar pantalla

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Send your Android screen to a Smart TV

If we do not have a Chromecast but we do have a Smart TV , we can also do it. To do this we will only have to press the send icon of our shortcuts. You do not have it? We tell you step by step.

There is a Send icon in the shortcuts of our phone that allow us to search for nearby devices to send our screen.

If we don’t have it, it’s as simple as clicking Edit in our shortcuts in the notification bar. There we will see all the files that we can add to our shortcuts, look for the one to send. It is represented with a screen and a symbol similar to Wi-Fi in the lower left. We drag it where we want to have it.

enviar pantalla android tv

Once the shortcut has been entered. We can see it, by displaying our notification bar. If we click on it, it will search for the devices to which we can connect. As with Chromecast, our Smart TV must be connected to our Wi-Fi network. Press on our television and go. You are already watching your Android on TV. You have managed to send your Android screen to TV.

enviar pantalla android tv

As simple as this, if you have any questions, you can leave it in comments, we will be happy to help.