The Best External Batteries with a 20,000 mAh Charge

If you are away from home for a long time, getting autonomy that completes a day of work or study is essential. If the smartphone or tablet you have does not offer this, there is an accessory that allows you to take action on the matter and take a worry out of yourself. We are talking about external batteries , of which we show models that offer a good quality / price ratio and that have a high charge.

If you want to be sure that the model you buy is an excellent solution for all kinds of needs, you should put aside external batteries that have a charge below 10,000 mAh, since their usefulness is quite restricted. But, as what we are going to indicate are the best options that can be bought by evaluating the price of the accessory and the amperage that is included, what we recommend is that it reaches at least 20,000 mAh. In this way, it is even a good solution for laptops that can use this type of device.

Best External Batteries with a 20,000 mAh Charge

Things that these external batteries include

One of them is that at least two USB power output ports are included. This, among other things, allows the products to be used with two jobs in parallel. And, taking into account the load it has inside, the truth is that it is not exactly a problem. Thus, for example, it is possible to recharge a smartphone and a tablet at the same time. Therefore, we speak of true lifeguards when you are away from home.

Baterías externas en una mochila

Besides, and no less important, is that different security technologies are included that allow not putting at risk what is connected in the external batteries of which we speak. Thus, for example, if there is a high temperature due to use or if there is a surge of overvoltage, the charging process stops automatically so that nothing happens. In addition, all models include an information system that indicates the remaining charge that is inside, either through the use of a screen or LEDs, so you will always know this information effectively.

Other things that are important in these accessories

One of them is that the dimensions should not be very large , since these devices are thinking to take it from one day to the next so if it weighs a lot and is not small it can become a real problem when it comes to storing it in the backpack and that what used to fit you now does not. By the way, if it includes a shock protection system, all the better.

Finally there are possibilities that are interesting to be included in these external batteries. An example is the compatibility with Quick Charge technology, so that charging processes are as fast as possible without losing reliability. Besides, the inclusion of support for Power Delivery and, in this way, that they can be used with the most modern laptops that use USB type C charging ports.

Uso de baterías externas

The models we recommend buying

We leave the options that we believe that you should not stop reviewing if you want to get a model that offers a high load and that has a fairly contained price. That is, we are talking about external batteries that have a better quality / price ratio .

TAMOWA Power Bank

With one of the most striking designs of all the models we have chosen, it has an information screen and the load it has reaches 20,000 mAh. Its operation is excellent, both in the transmission of energy and in the protection of everything that is connected. It has great compatibility.

Batería TAMOWA Power Bank

Possible External Battery

If you are looking for a model with a very good charge, this is a device that reaches nothing less than 26,800 mAh, so it is the best you can find. Reliable and fast, it has two USB Type A ports that ensure that you will always have one available to supply charge to smartphones and tablets.

iPosible Batería Externa batería externa


Aesthetically this is one of the best external batteries we have chosen. It has a useful USB Type-C port, which, changing with the 18 W Power Delivery compatibility, makes it possible to use this accessory with laptops. It works perfectly and has many security options.

RIWNNI USB C baterías externas

GACHI External Battery

It is another of the models that has a large battery charge inside its case (26,800 mAh). It has a good system of information LEDs and, what is more important: it has no less than five USB ports, so its usefulness is beyond doubt.

Batería GACHI Batería Externa

VOOE External Battery

A model that does not clash in anything and that does stand out in some aspects to offer a good quality / price ratio. With great opinions from those who have already used this accessory, it complies in what has to do with the number of USB ports and its compatibility is excellent.

VOOE Batería Externa baterías externas

Bewahly External Battery

There are quite a few virtues that this accessory offers, since to its 20,000 mAh load and great user opinions, it is added that it has compatibility with Power Delivery and that it has a weight below 450 grams. That is, it has everything you can look for in external batteries.

Bewahly Batería Externa negra


With an attractive design and a very resistant case, which is very good for a product that is carried around. There are two ports that are included in this model to provide services with its 20,000 mAh charge. Inside it includes hardware similar to that used by Tesla.

Batería POWERADD EnergyCell

Romoss Powerbank

There is no doubt that it is one of the most striking accessories of all that we have chosen, since its information screen and the white color it uses allow it. It is one of the models that offers compatibility with Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which is always positive as it increases working speed.

Romoss Powerbank baterías externas

POSSESS Powerbank

It fits in the palm of the hand, this is the most striking thing about this device and what makes it a differential between the external batteries that are in the list. Despite being small, it has a 20,000 mAh charge, so it meets all the requirements to be a very good purchase choice.

POSUGEAR Powerbank batería

Ekrist External Battery

Great load, 26,800 mAh, and two USB type A outputs to give it use without failures and with a more than acceptable stability (and protection, since it even has technology that prevents surges). It includes a useful power button, and it does not lack a set of LEDs to know the remaining charge.

Ekrist Batería Externa negra