ColorOS 11: the Improvements and News on OPPO Mobiles

The layers of customization of the different manufacturers are a battlefield apart from mere hardware. This is where each brand shows the muscle of their software developments and how far they are able to go with the tools that Google provides them with each new version of Android. Now it has been OPPO , which has released all the news of ColorOS 11.

This time there has been a significant change, if we consider that the previous version of ColorOS, based on Android 10, is called ColorOS 7. To go hand in hand with the new versions of Android, we are now talking directly about ColorOS 11. The Chinese company has announced the main novelties of this new layer, as well as the first lucky phones that will receive the update.

ColorOS 11

ColorOS logo

New Features and Improvements in ColorOS 11

It is very curious to see how different manufacturers use the tools that Android provides them , to exploit the capabilities of this open source and turn them into functions that sometimes do not have their rivals. Many of these improvements, and in the case of OPPO it is no exception, are suggested by its own community of users and taken into account by the brand, which eventually ends up integrating them.

Three finger translation

OPPO boasts of its close collaboration with Google (perhaps as a nod to other brands) to present solutions such as instant translation thanks to the Google Lens engine and Google Translate. The user can translate any content on the screen. The user can capture the screen with three fingers and choose its translation. It can be useful both for a website or image and for those applications that are not in our language.

3-Finger Translate

Enhanced Dark Mode

The Dark Mode has become very popular and is already integrated by almost all manufacturers. OPPO has been in charge of improving it in ColorOS 11. Now, it will be compatible with more third-party apps, and the user can choose between three different shades of dark, from the purest black to somewhat lighter gray. In addition, the wallpapers and icons can be adapted to Dark Mode. The user will also be able to program the Dark Mode, choosing between sunset or a predetermined time that will be chosen manually.

modo oscuro en coloros 11

New Always on Display

The Always On Display panel will no longer be bland or have limited or predefined options. Without forgetting the maxim that it is designed to save battery and turn on the screen less, the user can add their own decorations, shapes and colors, being more customizable than ever. You can select spirals or other animated shapes, or choose between digital or analog clocks.

Smart wallpapers

ColorOS 11 has a new algorithm specially designed for wallpapers. The user will only have to upload their own design or take a photo, so that the system automatically generates different styles based on the reference image.

Dynamic ringtones

OPPO wants the user to have full control over the call funds. In ColorOS 11 you can modify the tones, changing not only the tone, but the rhythm of it or adding effects. This can be done both in the default tones of the system and in those that the user uploads himself.

app lab ringtone

Custom system colors

The new OPPO layer has five different system themes. Each of them can be modified with 10 different colors. The user can also modify the system fonts, changing their width or size. New icons have also been integrated for on-screen neck unlock animation. In addition, the user will be able to re-size the floating windows of the apps, in this way they can be made smaller than ever to facilitate the use of several applications at the same time.

Customization UI coloros 11

Sounds of cities with OPPO Relax

We are facing a curious OPPO project, which has led part of the team to capture the sounds of some of the most important cities in the world. The user will be able to navigate through a virtual map and select cities such as Tokyo, Brussels or Reykjavic, listening to real sounds of the selected place.

OPPO Relax 2.0

Device control

It is a quick menu where the user can have control of all the different connected smart devices such as vehicles, televisions. From this menu you will have direct access to turn on, turn off, restart and more interactions with those other connected devices.

Super Battery Saver Mode

The battery is still an aspect that improves version after version of Android. OPPO has unveiled the Super Power Saving Mode, which when activated, the phone can standby for 12 hours, send text messages for 90 minutes or make phone calls for 1 hour with only 5% battery. This extends the interaction time required and gives the user a break until a charger can be stopped.

super ahorro de bateria coloros 11

Enhanced privacy

How could it be otherwise, ColorOS 11 takes advantage of the new security features of Android 11:

  • Temporary permissions : both the camera, the microphone or the location can be admitted as one-time permissions for the applications. If the user selects this option, the app will need to request this permission again when it is started again.
  • Permissions that expire: this privacy option means that if we do not use an application for a long time, the permissions that we have previously granted are reset. In this way, the app will not be able to act in the background with these permissions and we will have to accept them again if we enter it.
  • Controlled storage : with this new permission option, applications will only be able to access their own data and a special permission will be required to access phone data such as photos, videos, or files. This security measure will prevent malicious apps from accessing the data from the permissions of other apps.

When does ColorOS 11 arrive?

The company has detailed the first phones in its catalog to which the stable version of ColorOS 11 will arrive. OPPO has yet to update this list and specify the date of some devices, but it is the first look.

  • December 2020 : Find X2 Pro, Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborguini Edition and Find X2
  • Q1 2021: Find X2 Neo, Find X2 Lite
  • Coming soon : A72, A52, A91, Reno2 Z, Reno2, Reno 10x Zoom, Reno, A5 2020 and A9 2020