What about the Update to MIUI 12 of the Redmi Note 9S

Among all the Xiaomi phones that we find in the market, one of the Redmi Note 9 series that has attracted the most attention is the Redmi Note 9S. A smartphone that, like its brothers, has features that are remarkable enough to be an ideal option for many users, although the problems are making it suffer with the desired update to MIUI 12 .

Update to MIUI 12 of Redmi Note 9S

Everyone wants to receive updates quickly on mobile phones, although this is not the case in this case. So that you know in what state the update of the Redmi Note 9S to MIUI 12 is , we are going to know the reasons that have led to this delay that is leaving many users around the world without the latest version of the Xiaomi layer. Also, we know when we could finally enjoy it.

The many failures and problems of the Redmi Note 9S

Sometimes mobiles come out frog and this is something that has happened in the Redmi Note 9S , a smartphone with such outstanding features as the Snapdragon 720G processor or its large 6.67-inch screen. But inside, the software failures have been repeated from the beginning and although through the security patches many of the problems of the Redmi Note 9S have been fixed, there is not a day in which a new one does not appear.

Redmi Note 9S

Xiaomi wants to end this in the bud and that is why it is about incorporating all the solutions to MIUI 12 with patience. Plans MIUI update September 12 smartphones have left this out of the deal for the same reason. Among all the failures that we find is that of the headphones that prevents us from answering calls and communicating with some connected through the audio jack, we also have to add the failures of Xiaomi applications such as the gallery and its increase in the space it occupies.

Date of update to MIUI 12

Although the company has not yet made an official launch date, it has been announced that the Redmi Note 9 Pro, which is suffering from many problems similar to those of the Redmi Note 9S, will be updated in China during September so the month of October their arrival in Spain and throughout Europe could occur. The same steps will follow the Redmi Note 9S, trusting that no more bugs appear that continue to delay plans.

actualización miui 12 xiaomi

Until then, we can only try to live with these problems, which although sometimes they can be less, they do not stop bothering. If we identify a fault ourselves, we can report problems on Xiaomi mobiles so that they can be fixed as soon as possible.