Logitech MX Ergo K860 Keyboard: Features and Price

Logitech-MX-K860-Keyboard-2The new Logitech ergonomic keyboard is one of those strange proposals for some and very attractive for others. A device that seeks to improve the comfort of use when you write and write for hours. Do you find it flashy? Well, this is the new Logitech MX Ergo K860.

Logitech’s new ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are nothing new, there are manufacturers who have spent years betting on them and creating alternatives so varied that only some are able to bet on it. But now Logitech who launches a new keyboard with such features is nothing but the demonstration of interest that begin to wake up among the mass public.

The Logitech MX Ergo K860 has a very particular aesthetic. For starters it is not a keyboard that is flat on the table, through a curve it rises and the reason is none other than to offer a more comfortable posture of new hands during the writing times. To be more exact, what avoids is that the wrists are in a forced posture and different from the natural one.

Yes, we have been using keyboards that are not ergonomic for years and nothing seems to happen … or yes. Here it depends a lot on the own position that each one adopts, but if you have suffered pains in the articulation of the wrists or you suffer it may possibly be for that reason.

Still, let’s continue to know the device. As an ergonomic keyboard there is another aspect that differentiates it from the rest: the separation of keys into two groups. The idea of this is that each hand should only touch one of those keys. Thus, between the position that favors and the separation the comfort of use is also improved.

For the rest, the new keyboard shares elements of other of Logitech’s most popular proposals. For starters it is a device compatible with both Windows operating systems and macOS . This is appreciated, because finding quality keyboards for Apple users is not easy.

Yes, you can use any PC keyboard with a Mac, but the key mapping is different and that makes it difficult to use if you’re not used to it. For example, the position of the Command and ALT keys, this could be solved with applications that allow you to change the order but for those who just want to connect and not get complicated it is not comfortable. Therefore, Logitech offers a keyboard that according to the operating system is able to understand well with the computer and adapt its keys is something that must be assessed.

Then there is the theme of the path of each key, hardness and durability. Here, as a user of several brand keyboards for years I have to say that they are good options. Not all are always equally attractive at the price level, but in the long run they are good investments. Of course, these more particular solutions do not expect them to be cheaper than the original Apple.

With the option to connect via bluetooth or via a small USB wireless receiver that incorporates, the keyboard works with two AAA batteries . It also has small legs that allow you to tilt the keyboard on the table with two different slopes of 4 and 7 degrees. In addition, it not only leans in when we are in a traditional sitting position, but also if we are going to work at a standing desk and our own position in front of the keyboard changes.

As we said, this is a different proposal and with a price that some will see as excessive even if it is not really so. The cost of the keyboard is $ 129 and in view of other options or compared to Apple is fine. Although if you are not sure about it, be patient and we will tell you more about this about ergonomic keyboards.