The Best covers to Protect Your POCO X3 Pro

It is undoubtedly one of the mobiles of the moment, not in vain it has become the best-selling phone on Amazon in recent weeks, something that evidently demonstrates its great popularity. We are talking about the POCO X3 Pro , a mobile with high-end airs, which offers us a more than adjusted price and within the reach of many users.

Today we want to review some of the best covers for this POCO X3 Pro, a best-selling mobile, and we are not only referring to the best, but to the most representative of each style. Because although there are hundreds of cases for this mobile, the styles and formats are limited. That is why we are going to review them and find out what each one of them offers us and why we should choose them.

Rugged Covers

Without a doubt, these cases are the most suitable if what we want is to protect the phone from shocks. They are usually very thick, as they incorporate a shock-absorbent material , especially in the corners and edges, which are obviously the areas where it is easier for changes to occur.

Rugged and magnetic

In this case we have a rugged case that we like a lot because it allows us to show off the design of our POCO, as the back is transparent . Despite this, it does not renounce ultra-thick edges, which protect it from blows. In addition, in the central part we have a magnetic area, perfect to place it on a car holder, and a ring, which can also be used as a base.

fundas POCO X3 Pro

Completely rugerized

This model offers us similar characteristics, but unlike the previous one, we have a completely opaque design. This, in turn, by having shock-absorbent material, protects it better from these, also in the back part , and also makes scratches invisible. It also boasts a base ring and a magnetic sphere to make it easy to adhere to a support.

fundas POCO X3 Pro

With camera cover

This case does not have the traditional look of a rugged case, but it does offer us the same comprehensive protection . And also in this case it does so with a surface that is finished in an anti-scratch material. Although, without a doubt, the most interesting thing is that it offers us extra protection for the camera, as it has a sliding cover to protect it from unexpected scratches.

fundas POCO X3 Pro

Silicone sleeves

They are undoubtedly the most common, mainly because they are very light, they adapt perfectly to the contour of the phone, and they also have a very pleasant touch. They are also usually one of the cheapest covers. Of course, perhaps they are the ones that deteriorate more quickly with the passage of time, especially those transparent, which turn yellow.

Nine for the price of one

Without a doubt, this is one of the most interesting packs that we can buy for our phone when we release it. Because with it we can enjoy nothing less than nine silicone covers at the price of just one. There is a huge variety of colors in this selection, such as red, light pink, purple, yellow, deep pink, green, black or dark blue. It offers us comprehensive protection and we can change our style every day of the week.

fundas POCO X3 Pro

With reinforced corners

These are also the most popular, as they offer us extra protection. They have all the sales of silicone covers, but with thicker, reinforced corners. Corners tend to be the hardest hit in many drops, making it perfect for the phone to keep these corners intact over time. It is also transparent and therefore allows us to show off the design of the phone.

fundas POCO X3 Pro

With a different design

This silicone case undoubtedly offers us a very original design , and that will not go unnoticed. We could say that it is more oriented to the female audience, but the truth is that anyone can use it if they like. This is characterized by a gradient color finish, and a series of elements that shine with their own light. It also comes with a pair of tempered glass crystals.

360 degree protection

This cover is one of the best that we can buy for our POCO, since it has a design that allows it to be protected 360 degrees. Come on, we not only get a traditional case that protects the back, but also the front, so we have a rigid surface in front of the screen that protects it completely with a tempered glass. It also has an aluminum frame that allows you to completely protect the edges of the phone.

funda POCO X3 Pro

Book format

These cases are also very popular, because not only do they allow us to protect the phone from bumps and scratches , but also in them we can carry both bank cards and bills. Also, as they are normally closed, they allow us to completely protect the screen when we are not using them.

Leather finish

Rather, it is a material similar to leather, which simulates its appearance, and which of course gives a very elegant look to the whole. This cover offers us comprehensive protection thanks to the book format. When we open it, on the left side it has a card holder to carry several bank cards. We also found a wallet just behind it. On the right side there is a silicone cover that allows you to completely protect the phone, also at its edges.

funda POCO X3 Pro

With more striking design

This cover offers us a more striking design than usual. Its material also simulates the skin, but in this case it has a very striking engraving on the surface, which gives it a very interesting touch.

funda POCO X3 Pro

We also have a wallet on the left side next to the wallet , and the silicone case for the phone. It can also be folded to use it as a stand and keep the phone standing when we watch our favorite content.