Realme: Download More Than 6,000 Mobile Wallpapers for Free

The so-called “wallpapers” can be considered an ornament of our smartphone, but for many users it is more than that. For many, it is a way of expressing themselves, that kind of virtual tattoo that can be changed as many times as you like and that shows what we like the most. Now, Realme mobile users are in luck, and they have many more options to choose from.

Realme: Download More Than 6,000 Mobile Wallpapers for Free

Realme phones come, like all brands, with various official wallpapers , perfectly adapted to the screen of our mobile. We say perfectly adapted, because in many occasions, these backgrounds adapt perfectly saving the pitfall of a notch or a perforated screen. Now, Realme users will have the opportunity to expand their collection of wallpapers with a huge number of new options.

More than 6,000 wallpapers

The Chinese firm has just put on the tray of all its users more than 6,000 new wallpapers, which have a resolution of 1,080 x 2,400 pixels and which can be downloaded totally free. This is thanks to the great idea of Realme, which after launching a contest, has led designers from all over the world to create new and amazing wallpapers.

realme fondos de pantalla

Realme has created a website for the occasion where all designs can be viewed and downloaded totally free in their original resolution. The backgrounds have designs of all kinds, from cartoon characters, animals, abstract designs or inspired by video games. We know that many of them will amaze you and you can spend hours turning the pages of all the designs. At the time of writing this post, there are almost 6,400 designs created by the designer community.

fondo de pantalla realme

How to download them

In order to download these wallpapers, just go to the gallery where you will find all of them and the available pages. It must be taken into account that the number grows every day, so it is possible that today there are quite a few less than what you will find tomorrow. After selecting the one you like, we will only have to click on “Download” to download it to our mobile. Keep in mind that each wallpaper has an approximate weight of 4 megabytes. Then, just go to the photo gallery of our mobile and click on the selected image. In the options menu, we will mark it as wallpaper and lock screen.