Not enough storage in your Mac? Do an internal cleaning with these apps

Over the months, we accumulate many unnecessary and residual files on our Mac's hard drive and this can eventually make performance worse. That is why we recommend every few months a complete restoration of the operating system so that performance is not affected but if you do not want to format your hard drive, you can do a cleaning thanks to the applications that we recommend in this post.

These applications are undoubtedly an essential help to periodically maintain our equipment, but obviously we recommend you make external backups with Time Machine to avoid losing important information.

AppCleaner, the best tool to remove applications from the Mac

Whenever we are going to uninstall an application from our Mac, we have doubts about how to do it in an efficient way, since dragging a simple icon from the 'Applications' folder to the trash can seem to be not deleting anything.

That is why we recommend you install AppCleaner, a very simple application to use in which you simply have to drag the icon of the App you want to remove to the main AppCleaner window and it will do the process of deletion in an efficient way.

What we get with this app is that all the residual files that may be left on our computer of the application that we are going to uninstall, are deleted correctly. In the long run it will help our team to go much more fluid, and we will also have more free space on the hard drive.

You can download AppCleaner from the developer's website here .

Duplicate Detective, the tracker that will prevent you from having duplicates on your hard drive

Another reason why our hard drive can end up being a real disaster is undoubtedly duplicate files. Surely on more than one occasion you have downloaded a file several times and have forgotten to delete the other copy and have it stored there in a folder without your knowledge.

This is why Duplicate Detective is an incredible tool that will analyze each of your Mac's folders for duplicates in order to erase them.

Although it has a price of € 5.49 in the App Store, we must say that if you work daily with hundreds of files you will end up thanking it. In the long run you can easily have a hard disk without free memory because of these large duplicate files. Obviously, the tool will always ask you for permission of what is going to be erased by always having the last word of what you want to keep on the disk and what not.

You can download Duplcate Detective from here

OnyX, a tool that puts your disk in order

Another of the essential applications on your Mac to keep it clean is OnyX. This application is quite versatile since it will open a scan of our entire hard drive for the first time to verify that everything is correct.

It has many cleaning tools for various user levels. We can find some functions that are 'dangerous' if you do not know how to use them well but these are disabled by default, leaving only those that are completely safe.

What the application basically does is if there are duplications, very old files that we do not use and also diagnostic tools and repair of our hard drive. We also have tools to diagnose the directory, the network, the wireless connection ...

You can download OnyX for your operating system version here .

CleanMyMac, the essential application of a Mac

If you really want to have a well-kept computer and don't mind paying a monthly or annual subscription, Clean My Mac is the ideal tool. It includes many very versatile functions such as duplicate file tracking, uninstaller tools, RAM optimization ...

For us this app is essential in our day to day and we believe it is worth paying if you use your computer for many hours at work and You are accumulating a multitude of files.

You can download Clean My Mac on its official website here .

Disk Doctor, the app that will delete the files you never see

When we use an application on our Mac, a series of files that are called cache are always generated. These can eventually occupy a very important space on our hard drive and that is why we must eliminate them.

To avoid having to look for them, the Disk Doctor tool that costs € 3.49 will mean you don't have to do that job since it will eliminate it for you.

The operation is very simple since we simply have to let the hard drive scan and it will detect cache files, files downloaded in the mail, old versions of iOS downloaded in iTunes ... As we said before, if you use your Mac a lot, we think it is convenient to make the investment of just over € 3 for this cleaning tool.

You can download Disk Doctor from here.