Best Android Apps for Kids to Learn and Have Fun at the Same Time

If you have a boy or girl at home you are sure that you are interested in learning and having fun at the same time. So if you want to succeed when letting the little ones in the house play with your Android phone or tablet, we recommend the best Android education games.

There are games of many types, covering different ages and subjects. So you have options depending on what interests you for your son, nephew or grandson, it doesn't matter. These are our recommendations.

The Lola Alphabet train - To learn the alphabet

This is for the little ones. If you want your boy or girl to learn the alphabet, it is best to do it with this application. The Lola Alphabet train is an app in which your son or daughter will learn what the letters are and also identify them, not only remember the alphabet. The game puts your games to know what animals or objects go with each letter and teaches it quickly but enough for you to learn.


Solar System with Astro Cat

In this game you will travel the space with Astro Cat while you learn curiosities about the planets of our solar system while helping you in your space mission. Planets and other stars such as the sun or the moon.


Toca Lab: Elements - The first steps in chemistry

If your daughter or son sees that you may have an interest in chemistry Toca Lab: Elements will help you learn the periodic table by playing directly with the elements themselves. It is clear that it is not for the little ones, since the periodic table is somewhat advanced, but a somewhat older child may have an interest in the world.


Toca Kitchen 2 - For future chefs and cooks

There are children who are beginning to be interested at an early age for cooking, but it is clear that it can be dangerous, since fire, knives and other utensils are used. If you are still too small or too small for the kitchen you can start to quench your hunger for cooking with Toca Kitchen 2 . In this game you will have to cook dishes for customers and of course, they have to like it. So, reward the effort and things well done.


Thinkrolls 2 - Logic Puzzles

If what you want is for the child to train their logic or simply their ability to overcome situations. Thinkroll 2 is one of the best options. With different puzzles and nice and nice graphics will also make you have a lot of fun while squeezing the brain.


Fox Tales - Kids Story Book: Learn to Read

The best way to learn to read is… reading. But of course, perhaps giving him a book directly is not the best option. And if it seems that the stories don't appeal much to your daughter or son, perhaps reading the story in a more interactive way can help. The story of the foxes is a story that in addition to the light reading is supported by moving images with handmade drawings.


LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise- Building your own creations

If you want to introduce children to the world of LEGO construction or it already is and you want to take them wherever you go without having to load a single piece LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise is the best option. A way to exploit creativity anywhere.


Zap Zap Kindergarten Math - Introduction to mathematics

When you want math to appear for the first time in your life, Zap Zap Kindergarten Math is your choice. Designed for children from 3 to 6 years old, they will communicate with mathematics in a fun way through drawings and different levels.


Sago Mini Robot Party - To exploit creativity to the fullest

But if what you want is to exploit the creativity of the smallest, this game will allow us to create a robot as he or she wants. To do what you want and show your most creative part.


Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens - Medieval Wit

We've already talked about Thinkrolls 2. Now we'll talk about Thinkrolls: Kings & Queen. This game works very similar, but with a more medieval aesthetic, but at the same time colorful and fun.


And these are our recommendations of educational games for Android. Which one convinces you the most for your little one or your little one?