Best Cheap External USB Batteries That are Safe

If there’s one problem that’s really uncomfortable with mobile devices, it’s that when they are needed most, they run out of battery. In this way, you must restrict its use or you can be incommunicado, to give an example. If you want to buy an accessory that corrects what we say, the best is to resort to external batteries .

One of the things that is important in these products, apart from offering a good charge and that the ion dimensions are not excessively large, is that the protection that it includes when protecting the devices that are connected is as great as possible. And, here, you will find models that offer this exactly and, therefore, you can be sure that the integrity of smartphones or tablets are not at risk, they are mid-range or they are part of the most powerful on the market.

Best Cheap External USB Batteries That are Safe

Another particularity offered by the models to choose from is that they are inexpensive enough to be a good purchase option. All the external batteries we are talking about (and which, some of them, can be seen in the list of recommended models), are therefore an excellent purchase option.

The basics these external batteries should have

At first you have to be sure that the chosen model adequately fulfills the main function with which it has been launched on the market: charging different devices outside the home. Par ensures that the utility of the external batteries is adequate, ideally the model in question has an amperage of 20,000 mAh or more , and in this way it will be sure that it will be a lifesaver on several occasions before plugging it in. below 2%, the hit is complete.

Another thing that we believe is important to get a good user experience is that the number of energy output stations is as high as possible. Ideally, it should be a minimum of two , since this way is completely feasible for two smartphones to be connected at the same time and that both recharge their batteries without problems. Incidentally, the compatibility with theologies such as Power Delivery (which allows use with laptops) or Quick Charge, which increases the speed of processes, is also quite positive.

Interior de baterías externas

It is also quite interesting that the external batteries that are valued to buy include information LEDs that, on the one hand, allow to know from the amount of charge left to the accessory and, even, in some models depending on how this element is illuminated, you can be clear that there is a problem at work. therefore this is the first life buoy you can find in the product.

Protections that should not be missing

Two are essential: overvoltage and temperature . To use them, since it is essential that safe external batteries offer these possibilities, a chip is included inside the adapter and it works when problems are detected. Therefore, if the output power can be a risk, the load stops … and the same happens if the heat generated by the accessory is excessive -this is important since a short circuit can occur. In addition, it is not a bad idea that the device in question automatically detects the charging speed to use, since this way you are sure that everything will go smoothly.

baterías externas conectadas a smartphone

We must not stop checking the weight and dimensions of the external batteries that we are talking about (in the first case, always below 500 grams and, in the second, the thickness should be less than five centimeters), since if this is not controlled, the space they occupy in the backpacks is excessive … and this, with the passage of time, becomes a complete handicap.

Options we recommend buying

Next, we leave a list of models that, due to their quality and high security, all for sale on Amazon, we believe that they are good possibilities when making a purchase of external batteries of 20,000 mAh or more.

GRDE External Battery

This is a model that includes no less than 24,000 mAh of charge, so its utility is undeniable. In addition, it has two USB type A output ports, so compatibility with different devices is very high. It allows the use of fast charging and also includes automatic process speed recognition technologies.

GRDE Baterías Externas

Anker Powerbank

An excellent design, which is combined with a weight of only 345 grams, is what this device that has a capacity of 20,000 mAh offers. It has USB Type A and also Type C ports, so it is perfectly prepared for today’s accessories. It uses protection technologies such as PowerIQ and Voltage Boost.

Anker Powerbank baterías externas

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro

Without a doubt, this is one of the best external batteries offered by this well-known manufacturer on the market, and the truth is that it performs quite well. It has two USB outputs with 20,000 mAh amperage, so there are no problems here. Its protection is excellent, especially when detecting voltage failures. A good model.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro baterías externas

Luxtude PowerBank

It is possibly the most curious model of all the chosen ones. In addition to offering high protection for loads, with options such as heat control, it also includes a shock-resistant housing that adds something curious: IP65 compatibility. It has a 20,000 mAh charge and three USB ports.

Luxtude PowerBank baterías externas


Connectivity is the key to this model, since apart from including the one indicated in its name, it also has a couple more USB type A ports. Compatible with Power Delivery technology so it can be used with laptops, the protection it includes against heat and overvoltage is excellent.

RIWNNI USB C baterías externas

RAVPOWER External Battery

One of the highest capacity external batteries of all chosen, since it boosts no less than 26,800 mAh, so it goes a long way … It uses iSmart technology, which ensures that the energy that is used never damages the smartphones or tablets that are used. The number of USB Type-A ports is three.

RAVPOWER Baterías Externas

EC TECHNOLOGY External Battery

Another good model that offers an excellent load capacity so its utility is high, it also has a Led light that can be used if necessary … which surely happens more than once. In addition, it is one of the most complete protection models since it includes up to five technologies such as its own overvoltage; short circuit and temperature.

EC TECHNOLOGY Baterías Externas

Charmast Powerbank

Aesthetically this is one of the most striking models among all the external batteries that we have chosen, since it is attractive and also its thickness is below two centimeters. Its load is 26,800 mAh and the number of ports is quite high without missing USB Type C. It is compatible with Quick Charge 3.0.

Charmast Powerbank Baterías externas


The four output ports that this model has are one of its attractions, since it allows it to be a useful solution outside the home with its 20,000 mAh. With important protections to avoid heat and surge problems, it should be noted that this is a model that has a thickness of only 1.4 centimeters.

AUKEY USB C baterías externas

BANNIO Powerbank

This is another of the external batteries that is worthwhile since it does not have any fault both in the internal load (20,000 mAh) and in the number of USB outputs and the inclusion of information LEDs. Compatible with Power Delivery technology with a power of 18W, so its utility is quite large.

BANNIO Powerbank Baterías externas