Xiaomi Redmi 10X will Have an AMOLED Screen and Great Features

Xiaomi‘s mid-range increasingly offers more possibilities and when we all expected a Redmi 10X with standard features, the company gradually surprises us with news that can make it a mid-high range with much to offer us. We already knew that it will have the Mediatek Dimensional 820 processor but now with the integration of the AMOLED screen and other new features, everything changes.

Xiaomi Redmi 10X will Have an AMOLED Screen and Great Features

This new series of Xiaomi devices does not seem to correspond to any that we have seen so far and we could only compare it with the Xiaomi Mi 9T that were so well received. In this case the design corresponds more to the already known Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, although little is known about the front camera and there is doubt as to whether it is a perforated camera or even the pop-up camera that we saw in the popular model with which we can compare it. .

It will have an AMOLED screen and double 5G

The features that stand out the most in the Redmi 10X for now are undoubtedly its AMOLED screen, which the company has made known through a publication on the Weibo social network. With this new data, what we expected from the Redmi 10X is reaffirmed, although not everything has remained here. In this same publication the company has shared an image where it shows us the curious use of 5G for this model.

Redmi 10X 5g

It has not been content to integrate a 5G connection, but will offer a double 5G . This is possible thanks to the double SIM card slot that integrates into the removable tray. Until now 5G technology has not been an important point for the mid-range, but every time we find more models that offer it and this double possibility can make this particular model stand out for Xiaomi.

Keeping Xiaomi’s cheap mobiles

The Redmi gaam is expected to maintain the precise ones that on the other hand have been evaporating in the Mi models. With the launch of the Redmi 10X with AMOLED screen and the features we have mentioned, the company is expected to change course to remain true to its principles , with the intention of bringing the latest technology to all price ranges.

Redmi 10X

Android 10 seems almost safe for the device and after the official presentation of MIUI 12 it also seems certain that it will be incorporated as standard. We would lack to know the capabilities of its cameras, which if at least remain as those of the Redmi Note 9 Pro, would make it an option to value in the absence of knowing the configuration that has been able to obtain 415,672 points in AnTuTu and of course the price, which will be decisive to know its attractiveness.