The Best Bluetooth Headband Headphones with Great Autonomy

One of the keys to wireless headphones is that, in addition to offering good sound quality, you can also take advantage of long autonomy . If you have the idea of getting a new model that complies with this, and that is a headband type, we indicate what you should ensure that it always has the model you choose and, in addition, we show models that are worth considering.

The devices we are talking about are ideal for those looking for a good sound experience above anything else when leaving home, whether listening to music or series conversations. They are not completely suitable accessories for sports, since they do not include protection against water and the design is not the most ergonomic for this type of use.

Best Bluetooth Headband Headphones with Great Autonomy

One of the things that is important to comment on is that, for them to be accessible models, we have established a maximum cost of 100 euros . Therefore, they are to become the cheapest on the market if you can be sure that the quality / price ratio is quite good and, therefore, a worthwhile acquisition is made.

Autonomy in these headphones

To consider that a good brand is offered and that autonomy is correct, the minimum that can be demanded is that it reach 20 hours . If so, you can be completely sure that it is possible to complete a transoceanic flight without the slightest problem since we are talking about a brand that is practically a day. If this is true, surely the experience of use is adequate in terms of the maximum time it is possible to use these headphones with a full charge.

It is also important to look at the recharge of the battery, since it is another of the fundamental factors in this type of accessories. Ideally, the time it takes to reach 100% does not exceed four hours , since in this way we talk about a characteristic that is correct. And also, if it is possible that a quick process in use is offered, such as in 30 minutes more than an hour of use is achieved, an excellent lifeguard is included for when you are away from home.

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Nor should we leave out everything that has to do with the sound quality of the headphones, since this is still the fundamental function of use that the headphones we are talking about has. The basic thing is that the transducers are 40 millimeters , since this way it is possible to be sure that all the working ranges are managed with solvency. There are other things that are interesting to review and that ensure good quality when listening to music or series, such as the use of frequencies from 20 to 2000 Hz and, also, that Hi-Fi compatibility is offered.

Manufacturing and additional usage options

As for the first section, the two things that should be valued mainly is that the cups that are included have a quality foam (and also that the outer material is not one that makes you sweat excessively). Avoiding options like the memory effect or the deformation appearing quickly is vital. The next thing is that the headphones offer the possibility of turning in the cup itself, since in this way the fit is always good. Besides, and this we think is also important, it is not a bad idea that the headphones are foldable .

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It is also essential that the headphones include a microphone , since in this way they can be used as hands-free, making it possible to answer calls, and access the voice assistants that are synchronized through the use of Bluetooth technology. It is also not a bad idea that there are controls on the accessories, since this way managing the reproductions in a very comfortable way and without taking the smartphone out of your pocket for it.

Models we think you should buy

We leave a list of models that meet the minimum autonomy that we have indicated and that, in addition, has a good enough quality in the rest of the sections that are a very interesting option when choosing new headphones.


Aesthetically this is a model that attracts attention since, for example, its headband is covered with fabric. Its autonomy lasts up to 30 hours, an excellent mark, and it does not lack a good microphone to access voice assistants. Weighing below 200 grams, its sound quality is quite good.

Auriculares JBL LIVE 400BT

Pioneer SE-MJ553BT

Compatible with Bluetooth, the time of use that this model reaches reaches 20 hours, so it meets without problems. Finished in black and with integrated controls in the cups, making management simple, it offers the option of multi-pairing of up to eight betrothes for greater utility.

Auriculares Pioneer SE-MJ553BT

Mpow H5

The headphones of this manufacturer are increasingly offering higher quality, and this particular model allows no less than 30 hours of regular use. Compatible with Hi-Fi sound, which is already positive, it does not lack a microphone and the possibility of folding them to favor its transport.

Auriculares Mpow H5

Sennheiser HD 350BT

It is one of the few models that offers a USB Type-C port to recharge the battery, so they are perfectly equipped in this regard. The autonomy is one of the best, since it reaches 30 hours, and the controls are very easy to use since they are integrated into the shell of the cups. It has a pretty useful management application.

Auriculares Sennheiser HD 350BT

Sony MDR-ZX330BT

Another of the headphones that are black, most of the chosen ones have this finish that is the most common today. There’s no missing NC chip to facilitate Bluetooth pairing with headphones. In terms of autonomy, good news since it reaches 25 in regular use.

Auriculares Sony MDR-ZX330BT

Cowin E7

One of the most comfortable models of all that we have chosen, since the cups rotate up to 90 degrees to automatically adjust to the best possible position on the user’s head. With 30 hours of use with a charge, the transducer included in each element is 40 millimeters.

Auriculares Cowin E7


With many possibilities to take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity, such as being compatible with aptX to improve performance and with an integrated NFC chip, the frequency range is really good since it ranges from 5 to 35000 Hz. The autonomy offered by this model is excellent since it arrives at 30 hours.


Panasonic RP-HTX80BE-C

Without a doubt this is one of the most attractive headphones of all that we have chosen, since its retro design is most striking. The autonomy that this accessory offers is 24 hours, so it covers a full day with a charge, which is an excellent feature. It is a Hi-Fi compatible model.

Auriculares Panasonic RP-HTX80BE-C

Avantree ANC

This model has no fissure, since it complies so much in what has to do with sound (it includes ANC noise cancellation) and, in addition, in autonomy it does not clash since it is located in 28 hours. Weighing below 300 grams, this device includes a microphone and is Hi-Fi compatible.

Auriculares Avantree ANC Preview (opens in a new tab)

Sony WH-XB700

If you like powerful bass, this model is one that you do not have to check as it is compatible with Extra Bass. Besides, it includes NFC and microphone so that these headphones can be used as hands-free. The usage time is 30 hours, which is positive, and allows access to voice assistants such as Alexa.

Auriculares Sony WH-XB700