Cheap Bluetooth Accessories so You Don’t Lose Your Suitcases

Being close to a holiday season, one of the things you want to achieve is not to lose your suitcases , since they carry everything from clothing to cleaning accessories (and sometimes mobile devices). One of the ways to always have luggage checked is to use a Bluetooth device that allows tracking. We show how to choose a model of good quality and that is not very expensive.

Thanks to the wireless technology of the accessories we are talking about, it is possible to have perfectly controlled all suitcases both in an airport and on the bus. Therefore, if you do not remember where it is or if you are robbed, you can track or receive a warning so that you do not have any problem when going on vacation and that everything goes exactly as expected: perfectly.

Bluetooth Accessories so You Don't Lose Your Suitcases

Luckily, the devices we are talking about are no longer especially expensive (there are some that do, it must be said), without losing the appropriate functionality to have everything under control by using an application on the mobile terminal. … Both those who use the Android operating system and those who do the same with iOS.

Aplicación para seguir accesorio Bluetooth

Dimensions and Bluetooth compatibility, keys

In the first case, there is something that is vital to be fulfilled: the Bluetooth accessory used should be small and light (ideally it should not exceed 50 grams ). If so, it is possible to hide the device well and, in addition, it is not a problem when it comes to finding a space in the suitcase and, not much weight is added to the one that already offers the default luggage. By the way, in what has to do with the shape, this is something quite indifferent since you simply have to take into account the tastes of the user.

It is also very important that the Bluetooth version used by the product is 3.0 or higher . In this case, you can be sure of two things that are essential: compatibility with current mobile devices is perfect, something that if not, becomes a headache. And, as a second important detail, there is the connection distance, and that the minimum is that the 10 meter distance of the connection interface that we are talking about (which, in many cases, is greater) is met. The case is that this is vital to make a good purchase.

Another of the functions that is interesting for the usability that is achieved, is that the application (and the adapter itself) allows the connection of several accessories at the same time. In this way, if a luggage of more than one suitcase is carried, it is possible to carry an anti-loss in each of them and carry out an individualized follow-up. This, without becoming vital, if it is something that helps a lot.

Pila en accesorio antipérdida Bluetooth

Manufacture and application, other factors to assess

The material that fits like a glove with these accessories is plastic. The reasons for them are that it allows high durability; is light; it does not have problems when passing the controls in airports or train stations; Furthermore, it does not generate any interference with Bluetooth. Therefore, this is the best possibility among the models that are cheap, without a doubt.

In what has to do with the application, the first thing is to be sure that it is compatible with the smartphone that you have (iOS or Android ). Once this has been done there are a couple of things that you have to be sure the development offers. The first is that you can track the position of the Bluetooth accessory in real time; and, in addition, that an option can be established to receive a notice in the terminal when a suitcase leaves the coverage distance.

Purchase options that are interesting

In the list that we show below you can find models that fit as Bluetooth anti-loss accessories to carry in suitcases since, without being especially expensive, they offer good quality and are quite complete .

Anki HappiGo

This is a multifunctional Bluetooth accessory that is quite attractive in design and can be purchased in various colors. The Bluetooth connection distance it offers is good, as it reaches 3 meters making it quite useful. Interesting to note that this device adds a GPS tracker that works well.

Anki HappiGo bluetooth

Evershop Nut

Another of the models that is worth considering, since among other things it allows two-way communication, so it vibrates the phone in case you do not know where the synchronized is. It includes a GPS tracker and the weight is quite low since it is below 100 grams.

Evershop Nut Bluetooth

Sorliva Locator

The Bluetooth version used by this accessory is 4.0, and it has a large number of functionalities, among which there is no lack of sounding an alarm if the connection is lost. With the ability to sync up to four items at a time with your app, it also tracks by GPS in real time.

Sorliva Localizador Bluetooth

Uyuke On Air

The effective distance at which this model works is 10 meters, so it complies with the Bluetooth 4.0 standard it uses. The application that it includes is one of the most complete of all current models, and you can buy it in various colors, something that is positive if, for example, you want to use it on your keychain.

Uyuke Al Aire Bluetooth

LNLN Tracker

There is no problem regarding the compatibility with this accessory, since it works in practically all the smartphones on the market. With real-time tracking function, the plastic used as manufacturing material offers excellent resistance.

LNLN Rastreador Bluetooth

GLOGLOW Mini Tracker

Aesthetically this is one of the most striking models of all the chosen ones. Its triangular shape allows it but, in addition, its intense green color makes it not go unnoticed and therefore losing it is something … at least complicated. It weighs less than 10 grams and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0.

GLOGLOW Mini Rastreador Bluetooth

UKCOCO Anti-lost

With the option to use it to track the position of a suitcase in real time, this accessory can be purchased in four colors. Compatible with version 4.0 of the Bluetooth connection interface, it includes a multifunctional button that can be configured, for example, to take a photo with the smartphone.

UKCOCO Anti-perdida Bluetooth

QILade Yzcing Tracker

A model of small dimensions, 42 x 8 millimeters, and weighing less than 25 grams. Therefore, it is even an option to carry in your pocket wallet. The compatibility it offers is very high with the different operating systems, since it uses Bluetooth 4.0. Its application is quite complete.

QILade Yzcing Rastreador Bluetooth

Anti-loss mymotto

With a sober appearance one of the things that stand out about this model is that the button that it includes allows you to take photos from a distance, so it has more utilities than other chosen devices. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 and the connection distance that allows it to reach 10 meters to comply with everything necessary.

Mymotto antipérdida Bluetooth

LNLN Search Engine

Its circular shape allows it to be placed almost anywhere in a suitcase, and Bluetooth synchronization is quite good, so there are no failures in this regard. It offers excellent compatibility when synchronized with smartphones, and has the virtue of offering a coverage of 30 meters.

LNLN Buscador Bluetooth