These Stylish Wireless Chargers Will Amaze Your Guests

Without a doubt, wireless chargers are the future. More and more devices have this functionality, since it allows us to charge our gadgets in a really comfortable way. Yes, the future of connectors for charging terminals has its days numbered. More, when you see the design of the models that we are going to recommend.

In this way, we are going to offer you a series of wireless chargers that provide an additional plus by having a very different look than we are used to. Whether because they have noble materials in their manufacture, because they are more functional than ever or because they are simply a wonder at the design level, these options will not go unnoticed when you have visitors.

Stylish Wireless Chargers

Is it worth buying a wireless charger?

The answer is a resounding yes. As long as you have a device that supports wireless charging, you shouldn’t miss such a device at work. For starters, these particular models have a different design so you can give a different and modern touch to your home.

On the other hand, one of the great advantages of wireless chargers compared to a traditional charger, lies in its ease of use. Yes, with a conventional model you have to pick up the phone and connect it to the power using a cable. And, although most current models already have a USB Type-C port, which is reversible, the older models still have a Micro USB input, causing you to make many mistakes when connecting.

With a Qi charger, the most common standard used by wireless chargers is simply a base on which you can rest your phone, tablet or any other compatible device to charge. And yes, it is really comfortable to use this type of elements, so your purchase is a sure hit.

Best models to consider

Finally, we will leave you with the best models to keep in mind if you are looking for wireless chargers with a different design to be the envy of your friends. You will see that the devices you will find have a very varied price, so you will be able to have your Qi model at a scandalous price.

Cargador inalámbrico con despertador Ksix 

Ksix wireless charger with alarm clock

We start this compilation with an alarm clock that comes with a night light and built-in wireless charger. A model capable of offering you the time, as well as having different levels of intensity. Also, how could it be otherwise in an alarm clock, say that you have a configurable alarm. And yes, its Qi charging system is capable of charging devices at 7.5W and 10W will be more than enough to leave any device on overnight.

Ksix Alarm Clock 2

Ksix Alarm Clock 2

Although, you still prefer this other Ksix model that will not disappoint you at all. And, it has the same benefits as the previous model, but you also have to add eight different light levels. And what about its charging speed? Well, it offers a fast 7.5W or 10W for devices compatible with Qi fast charging and a standard 5W for the rest of the models.

Tribe Star Wars

Tribe Star Wars

If you’re a true Star Wars fan, you can’t miss this awesome Star Wars-themed wireless charger . A model that boasts an LED lighting system that emphasizes the graphics with the characteristic logo of this science fiction saga so that you are the envy of all your friends. Yes, it offers 5 W of power , somewhat limited compared to other models, but in exchange you can enjoy a product that will help “the force be with you”.

Cargador inalámbrico Conceptronic

Conceptronic Wireless Charger

One of the most prestigious brands when it comes to buying technological products at a knock-down price, is Conceptronic. Yes, the manufacturer has a really complete catalog of products at a demolition price. And this model has a design that makes it very different from the others. As you can see in the image that heads these lines, we are talking about a Qi charging compatible wireless charger that has a folding base.

And be careful, inside there are some LED lights so you can use this device as a night light. Not to mention its ability to offer 10W fast charging and a more than attractive price.

Cargador inalámbrico Woodcessories 

Woodcessories Wireless Charger

Fifth, we have a model that you will love. Although, seeing the photo that heads these lines, added to its particular design, they will make you have a product in the living room that your visitors will fall in love with. Be careful, this wireless charger is made of real wood, so the touch will be very pleasant. Add a quick charge of 10 W and you have a simply round product.

Cargador inalámbrico JE 30W Qi

JE 30W Qi Wireless Charger

Another example of wireless chargers finished in noble materials is this JE model. We are talking about a unit that has been manufactured with real leather sewn by hand, to achieve a result and a simply impressive touch. In addition, the icing on the cake is its three coils with Qi technology, which will allow you to charge up to three devices simultaneously at a power of 10 W. Ideal if you have several compatible devices in your home.

Cargador inalámbrico POWERGIANT

POWERGIANT Wireless Charger

Remember Apple‘s reviled AirPower ? Yes, that gadget that promised to charge three devices from the Cupertino-based firm simultaneously, and that finally did not see the light because the company’s team of engineers was not able to solve the heat dissipation problems it had. this product.

Well, the manufacturer Powergiant has in its catalog an excellent alternative to the AirPower, being able to charge several devices simultaneously much more comfortably. A product that has a really competitive price, so it is very worth your purchase.

Cargador inalámbrico Raide

Raide Wireless Charger

Although, if you are looking for a clone of the Apple AirPower, do not miss this model of Raide. We are talking about a Qi wireless charger that will not disappoint you thanks to its design that allows you to charge three Apple devices simultaneously.

Cargador inalámbrico OCYCLONE 

OCYCLONE Wireless Charger

Another excellent option to consider is this Ocyclone model. And, this wireless charger, compatible with Qi models, is a wonder at the design level. In this way, you can use it to charge your phone while watching movies and series, in addition to taking advantage of the pen that integrates at the top. In short, one of those wireless desktop chargers with which to work more comfortable than ever.

Ksix Energy Lamp

Ksix Energy Lamp

To end this compilation with the best Qi wireless chargers that will allow you to boast a design that you will fall in love with, we have this latest solution from Ksix . Yes, another all-in-one that will allow you to illuminate the nightstand, or your work area while charging your device without any problem.

All thanks to the fact that this table lamp has at its base a wireless charging system with a charging power of between 7.5 and 10 W. More than enough for the vast majority of users.