How to Download Thousands of Free Word Templates for Your Documents

word-templatesAmong all the tools that make up the Microsoft suite, Word is undoubtedly one of the most used. And is that the vast majority of documents that circulate on the network or that we can find saved in the vast majority of devices around the world, have been created with Word. Its features and functions, make it one of the most used text editors, however it is not the only thing that makes the majority of users opt for the Microsoft tool, since another great attraction is the large number of free templates Word we can get to create all kinds of documents.

Yes, the truth is that everyone can create or design their own document format, but there is no doubt that it is much easier and faster to use some template for each type of document. In addition, unless we are more experienced users, the result will not be the same and we will have to spend much more time designing our own templates.

How to download a Word template from the application

Although the first thing that can come to mind when we want to look for a Word template is to use Google, the truth is that we have to be very careful with the sites we go to to perform this type of downloads, since we can Find some unpleasant surprise if we don’t go to a trusted site.

However, faster and more secure than that is to make a simple search from Word itself of a template for the type of document we want to create. To do this, we will have to follow the following steps:

  1. We open a blank document in Word.
  2. Go to the File menu option and click on the option More Templates found in the right panel.
  3. We search for the type of document we want to create.
  4. From the list of result templates we choose the one we like the most.
  5. Click on Create .
  6. We will have the template ready in a new Word document.

plantillas de word

Get thousands of official Word templates

Microsoft has its own website of templates and themes for Office where we can go to get one that allows us to create a document as quickly as possible and with a professional result. Therefore, if what we are looking for are free templates for Word, we can also go directly to the site .

Upon entering the web, we will see that it offers us a search engine so that we can perform the search for our template. Anyway, just below, we will find some of the highlighted categories. Although a little below, we can click on the option See all categories to have a view of each and every one of the templates that Microsoft offers us and the categories in which they are ordered so that it is much easier to search.

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Now, there we can find templates of the different Office tools, so if we look for Word templates, it is best that we do a first filtering by tool. For her, on the main page of the site with Microsoft templates, we will find a section, Favorites by application, where we can directly select Word and access the categories of templates for documents.

Of course, there we will find only a catalog with a series of templates chosen by the company itself. If for anything we do not find one that suits our needs, we can go directly to all categories of templates, since there we will find many other models.

Word templates for cover letters and CV

Plantillas de Word

Invoice templates

Although there are many users who usually choose to create their templates for invoices in Excel, the truth is that we can download some Word templates for invoices with a very modern design and that, surely, will be easier to handle.

  • Invoice in Word : Simple but professional invoice that we can also easily customize.
  • Invoice invoice : Word template with invoice invoice that incorporates a billing table.
  • Service invoice : Service invoice design to send to clients that includes a green gradient background.
  • Sales invoice : blue gradient design with an easy-to-read format and an area for the company logo.
  • Get many more templates for Word with invoices from this link .

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Calendars in Word

Although it is also common to use other Office tools such as Powerpoint or even Excel to design calendars, these are some of the free Word templates with which we can have our own calendar in seconds:

  • Content calendar : A template design with which we can turn our social media strategy into a detailed plan with this content calendar.
  • Family photo calendar: Typical photo calendar that we can easily customize for each special family moment, with friends, etc.
  • Event Organizer : With this Word template we will have an event organizer that will allow us to keep track of the most important milestones.
  • Weekly homework calendar : Template to keep track of all our tasks weekly easily.
  • More Word templates with calendars from this link.

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School or education templates

Another area where it is necessary to use all kinds of templates is the school environment. Some of the most prominent are:

Plantillas de Word

Birthday and invitations

If what we are looking for are Word templates to create birthday greeting documents, invitations, congratulations in general, etc., these are some of the most prominent within the Microsoft templates site:

  • Birthday greeting with balloons : Congratulate birthday with balloons. Each card is printed on one page and we can easily change the fonts or colors.
  • Birthday cards : Funny template to send birthday congratulations. It contains cards of different sizes.
  • Birthday invitations : Another attractive postcard template to invite people to celebrate their next birthday.
  • Birthday invitation booklet: Template with a 20.32 cm x 20.32 cm booklet showing an image of a cupcake with a lit candle and in which we can change the fonts and colors.
  • Birthday party poster : Use this birthday celebration poster template to announce a corporate party or personal event.
  • More birthday templates and invitations from this link.

Letters and newsletters

Although on a personal and business level it is something that is being lost, there are still many who write letters. If you are one of them, here you can find some of the best Word templates for letters and newsletters:

Other categories

Within the Office templates page, we can find many other categories where we can find Word templates to create all kinds of documents, such as:

Other alternatives to download Word templates

One of the most popular sites with templates for Word other than Microsoft’s own is PoweredTemplate . It is a website where we can find all kinds of free templates for our documents, although it is also possible to make purchases of specific designs from the website itself.

On the left side of the main page we see a series of icons to filter by type templates, Word, Powerpoint, diagrams and graphics, brochures, newsletters, poster and advertising templates, business cards, postcards, etc. Therefore, just choose the category and then we will show all the results.

At the top, we will find the Free tab, where we will find directly all the Word templates of the selected category that we can download and use at no associated cost. When we find the one we like the most, just click on the Download option and in a few moments a .zip file will be saved on our disk where the template itself is hosted.

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If what we are looking for are templates with a specific structure instead of searching more by the design itself, then Herma is another of the trusted websites to download this type of templates for Word. There we will be able to find templates for our documents that have a specific structure based on the number of rows and columns, if they are displayed in vertical or horizontal format, etc.