The Best Apps to Make Money Online 2019-2020

The smartphones are now an essential complement to our daily lives. With them we can make calls, check our email address, watch our favorite series and even earn money. Yes, if you read it correctly, your mobile can also be a source of extra income and for this you will only need to download some free applications and spend a few minutes a day.

In today’s article we will show you how to earn a few extra euros per month thanks to your smartphone with which we consider the best applications for this purpose. All of them are safe and reliable as well as being completely free, so don’t be afraid to download

Before starting

Before starting with our selection of apps we believe it is convenient to make some clarifications about this type of applications. Although the selection you will find on this list is reliable and does not pose any danger, in the Google Play Store and App Store there are thousands of apps that promise to offer you free money and that are nothing more than a scam or scam to steal your data.

Before downloading any application always keep these points in mind:

  1. Not all applications to earn money are reliable. Many cybercriminals have seen in the apps to earn money their own opportunity to earn a few euros … yours. Be wary of any app that seems too good to be true and don’t forget to check user reviews before making any downloads.
  2. Never enter your personal information in an app to earn money. This information would include, for example, your ID number, your bank account number, your credit card or any sensitive password of any other Internet account. Only do this when it is a well-known leftover app and a 100% reliable company.
  3. Never pay for an app to earn money. Even applications to place sports bets or buy vouchers are free. Be wary of any payment app that later promises you some money.
  4. As a last tip, always use common sense. Internet is full of dangers and exploited looking for opportunities to get your data. If you have any questions, ask a professional to find out if the app you are going to download is reliable. The saying goes: prevention is better than cure.

How do free apps work to make money?

Surely you wonder how it is possible for a company or developer to offer money just for downloading a free application. At first this may seem like a full-fledged scam but nothing is further from reality. These apps are supported by advertising and offer an economic bonus every time you meet any of its requirements.

Free applications to earn money offer prizes for simple tasks that will only take a few minutes of your day. These are usually the following:

  • Download and try an app- You willget a bonus simply for downloading and trying an app. Once you have completed this task and received compensation you can remove the application without problems from your mobile phone.
  • Download and try some game-This task is very similar to the previous one with the only difference that the more you play the suggested title, the more money you will earn.
  • Watch advertising videos –Some apps to earn extra money are supported precisely by advertising videos. In this way, every time you access to watch any of these videos through your mobile you will be rewarded. It is undoubtedly the simplest task on the list since you can leave the video open while doing other things and thus generate profits.
  • Conduct surveys –Conduct surveys are perhaps the oldest and also the most used method to earn extra money. There are many apps that will offer you points for each survey you fill out and that you can exchange for euros when you reach a certain amount.
  • Share content through social networks –With the rise of platforms such as Facebook , Twitter or Instagram it is very common for money-making apps to request that you make a publication where you mention your product. For them it is a free advertising while for you it translates into extra euros.

How do I get the money transferred to my account?

Most of the apps to make money use PayPal as a method so you can move your virtual euros to your bank account. Think that this method is the safest to get extra money since to collect you will simply need your email address. In addition to all this, any problem you have with the payment you can solve it safely through PayPal and you will always have the security that your data is safe.


To use PayPal, you will simply need to have a completely free account. To open yours click on this link or if you prefer, access our comfortable tutorial to learn how to open an account with PayPal.

Best apps to earn money on your smartphone

1. CashPirate – Make & Earn Money

Although your name and logo may be unreliable, CashPirate is a safe and really useful application to earn an extra money every month. This one works really well and it won’t take you more than a few minutes a day to start generating income.

The operation of CashPirate is simple. Once you have created your account, you can start earning virtual currencies (press “earn coins”) by performing the tasks currently offered by the app. Normally these are to download and install an app, watch videos or answer a survey. Once 2500 points have been earned (2.5 $ approx.) You can transfer them to your PayPal account.

To succeed in CashPirate, the secret is to be patient and know how to choose well the offers and tasks to perform. Do not let yourself be dazzled by those that offer more coins because in most cases they have a trick. For example, never accept the tasks that ask for your phone number because although these give greater benefits, then they will send you constant messages to your mobile trying to charge you a fairly expensive premium service.

Finally, just add that if you want to try Cashpirate, do not forget to look for any of their invitation codes through Google. They add 500 free coins ($ 0.50) without doing anything.


2. appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

appKarma is another great application with which you can earn money and gift cards to online merchants simply by playing games, downloading applications or completing surveys.

After downloading the app to your mobile you can open an account with appKarma by selecting a username and entering your email and password. Once this is done, it’s time to start earning free money!

As we have already told you, appKarma works in a similar way to CashPirate. Once the application is open you will see a series of tabs called “Offers I” “Offers II” “Popular” and” Videos. Each of them offers different ways to get bonuses to be redeemed or in the case of “Videos”, the videos you can see to get points.

appKarma offers both monetary prizes for completing their tasks as gift cards. If you opt for the money, it can be transferred to your PayPal account every time you get a minimum of $ 3. As for the gift cards you can get, there are such interesting stores as iTunes, Google Play, PSN, Steam, Amazon and many more.


3. GiftPanda – Rewards and Gift Cards

GiftPanda is another app to make money from your mobile created by the same developer of Cashpirate. This is safe, very easy to use and also its interface is completely in Spanish, something that is appreciated.

The operation of GiftPanda is very similar to that of previous applications. You just have to download the app, register and start accumulating your small fortune.

As for its interface, this one is really intuitive. At the top of the application you will find the “Apps” “Surveys” and “Other” sections. Click on each of these tabs to access the different offers and earn points for your mobile application. If for example you decide to download apps to earn money, simply download it, wait for your extra points to be credited and then delete it without problems.

To redeem your money, you will need to have a minimum of 2500 points in your account ($ 2.50) and you can transfer them without problem to PayPal. If you wish, you can also get other compensation such as gift cards or even Bitcoins.


4. Smartme App

Smartme App offers a way to earn money very different from the rest of applications that we have shown so far. In fact, we won’t have to do anything to start earning points!

You read that right, Smartme App is not going to ask you to download an application or fill out surveys to earn money. You just need to install the app and leave it open on your mobile phone. But … is this process safe?

Fortunately, Smartme App is an application that complies with all the regulations of the Data Protection Law (LOPD) and that only collects information about the apps you have on your mobile for statistical purposes. This barely consumes the battery of your smartphone and will also bring interesting benefits little by little.

To start using Smartme App you will need to create a user account and leave the app open in the background. For each day that is active you will earn a total of 300 points (about € 0.03) and once you reach 50,000 points (€ 5) you can redeem them by bank transfer.

While Smartme App does not have the option to charge through your PayPal account, it is an interesting application, completely legal and that works perfectly for a 100% Spanish company. Of course, you must arm yourself with patience to get a considerable amount of money.


5. Big Time Cash Make Money Free

Big Time is the app that all gamers who want to earn money for free were waiting for. And to start fattening your PayPal account you only need to spend a few minutes a day to play with your mobile.

To start using Big Time you will need to download the app either on your iPhone (iOS) or Android phone. After that, create your account using your email or Facebook account and confirm that you are over 14 years old. If you have done these steps you can start earning some euros right now.

Getting points in Big Time is as simple as playing the titles offered by the app. As you play you will get tickets that you can then redeem in raffles or if you wish, for real money. 10,000 tickets equals $ 0.01 that you can transfer comfortably to your PayPal account.

As a positive point, Big Time is a really safe app and also with very good reviews on Google Play . This one has raffles every two days and the winners get a good fortune in points and tickets for redeeming. That is why if you are a lucky user, you may get a small fortune quickly by simply downloading the app.


6. Streetbees

Streetbees is an application to earn money a little different from everything we have shown you so far. Instead of completing surveys, downloading apps or playing games we will have to complete small tasks or share our ideas on what brands. This implies that you will need a little more free time to earn money, but in turn the process will be less monotonous.

To start using Streetbees you will need to download the app and share your mobile phone number with it. Once this is done you will receive a verification code via SMS that you will need to activate your account. After that, create a username, password and start following the tasks proposed.

As we have already told you, the type of Streetbees tasks is very diverse. You will find all of them in the “Live Tasks” section and these can range from answering questions about your lifestyle or opinions about a specific brand such as going out to the corner supermarket and sharing with the app a photograph of the fruit section or Maybe your breakfast that morning.

One of the most interesting points of Streetbees is that you will not need to have a minimum of points to be able to redeem them for money. Simply request your payment via PayPal and in less than three days you will have it in your account.


7. Robin Rover – Earn money with online purchases

Robin Rover is another interesting app with which you will be able to earn money without doing anything. It will only be necessary for you to share your shopping habits through the Internet and thus obtain monetary compensation.

As you may know, most Internet applications and services use your data to sell it to third parties or simply offer personalized information with the aim of getting more customers. Robin Rover plays precisely with it but with the difference that it will offer you bonuses for each of the data that you share with the company and following the LOPD law, it will not deliver them to third parties or offer you advertising.

To start using Robin Rover you need to download the application, create your account and verify it. After that, you simply have to send the purchase confirmations of any online store to your email address. For each verified email you will receive 1 Robin. This translates into a possibility to win a daily prize of 100 euros redeemable through PayPal.

Although at first it does not seem a very productive system, think that Robin Rover points are not lost with each draw, so you will accumulate possibilities until you finally touch the 100 euros.


8. Betsim – You play it, You win it

If you like sports and you are one of those who always predicts the end of each match with greater or lesser success, you will love Betsim. This application allows you to make all kinds of free sports bets and you also earn money for them.


To start using Betsim, simply download the application from Google Play. If you are an iOS user, we are sorry to tell you that it is currently not available in the App Store. After that you must register through your Facebook or Twitter account and start earning points via social networks.

Betsim’s interface is very simple to understand and divided into different tabs. The first one, “Explore” will show us all the sports in which we can place bets. Within ”Next” you will see the matches in which you can bet and within ”In game” , all those that are being played in real time.

To place a bet on Betsim simply choose the sport you want from the “Explore”, “Upcoming” or “In game” menu, select the competition and finally the event. After that, make the bet you have in mind and cross your fingers to get won. That easy!

Among Betsim’s exchangeable prizes, we find converting your points into money through PayPal or redeeming them for Amazon checks, consoles, smarthphones, gift cards and all kinds of technology prizes.


9. Toluna

If you have been on the Internet for years, surely Toluna’s name sounds. This page for conducting surveys has been among us for many years and of course, with the arrival of smartphones, it has not resisted developing its own app.

As we have already told you, Toluna is a web page dedicated exclusively to filling out surveys and getting to know the voice of the users of each product. For each survey carried out, its users are rewarded with points that in the long term we will be able to exchange for cash and current money.

To start using the Toluna application it is necessary to download it, install it and of course create your own account by filling in all the required fields. Once this is done you will have access to a large part of the platform surveys.

As you can imagine, making money in Toluna is mainly based on the amount of time you want to spend a day answering surveys. You can answer them directly from the app or from its website. In addition, you will also earn points by voting on your sponsored content (much simpler and faster than the polls).

Once you get 145,000 points (€ 35) you can easily redeem them to your PayPal account. If you prefer, you can also exchange them for Amazon, MediaMarkt, Apple, Spotify, Decathlon and many other Internet businesses. While it is not the fastest method of earning money, you are sure that you are using a service with many years behind you.


10. i-Say reward your opinion

As an end to our selection of the best apps to earn free money, we want to recommend you i-Say reward your opinion This platform allows you to easily win prizes simply by answering paid surveys.


To start using the app, simply download it from the Google Play Store and create your personal account. After that you will have access to all the surveys that fit that profile and with which you can get compensation in the form of prizes.

Unlike other apps on this list, i-Say rewards your opinion does not offer unlimited surveys. This means that it is always recommended that you complete all surveys in your inbox if you want to get a small incentive or extra gift at the end of the month.

One of the strengths of i-Say rewards your opinion is that the prizes offered by the platform are quite affordable and easy to get. To redeem them, simply click on the “Gift area” icon and select the one that interests you most. For example, a discount of 5 euros in MediaMarkt costs 530 points and answering a single survey already offers these 500 points.

While i-Say rewards your opinion does not allow you to convert your points into money, it is a good option if you want to get free gift cards and discounts at your favorite stores.


We hope that our selection of apps to earn money and prizes has helped you. Do you use any other application or website that is not on this list? Share it with us in the comments section!