Best Apps to Edit PDF Documents on iPad

One of the most common uses of the iPad and for which, perhaps, it is the best adapter, is for office automation and document handling tasks, especially PDFs. Thanks to its characteristics and also to the accessories that surround it, make the iPad a practically perfect device for this, therefore, in this post we want to talk about the best applications that you can find in the App Store to edit PDF documents.

How are PDFs best edited on iPad?

As we said, the iPad is a device that, due to its characteristics, adapts perfectly to the need of users to edit documents, especially PDFs. First of all, the App Store has numerous high-quality applications that give the user a range of tremendous opportunities, as we will see in this compilation below.

Best Apps to Edit PDF Documents on iPad

However, apps are not the only thing that enhances the iPad experience when using it for this purpose. The accessories with which you can complement it play a fundamental role, since you can use both the Apple Pencil and a keyboard to edit your PDFs, even both at the same time. The Apple Pencil will give you the opportunity to use your iPad as if it were a notebook where you have your PDF printed, to be able to write on it, make annotations with different colors, in short, make use of the techniques that you have always used when wearing your PDFs on paper and used your highlighters and pens.

On the other hand, the keyboard will allow you to edit the content of the PDF itself in case you want to make any changes to the text that the document itself contains. Therefore, both the Apple Pencil and the use of a keyboard can complement each other, but above all, it gives the iPad a tremendous potential to be the device par excellence to perform this type of task.

In addition, if the possibility of using the iPad with the Apple Pencil and a keyboard were not enough, the very concept of iPad, a tablet after all, also gives it a competitive advantage against other technological devices that can be used for these tasks, and the fact is that the iPad, in addition to having tremendous potential, you can take it practically anywhere, so portability is another point in favor for this device and that many users value positively when opting for it .

With these applications you can edit your PDF

GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5

Do you want to turn your iPad into a sheet of paper? GoodNotes 5 is just what you can do. It is undoubtedly one of the best applications that you can find in the App Store if you are looking to use your iPad together with the Apple Pencil to make annotations on the PDFs, since in this app you will be able to import all the documents that you want, first, to have them well organized and stored, and second, to be able to edit them.

It has a huge amount of tools that will be very useful to be able to make annotations of different colors, with different fountain styles and even, with the possibility of including images and different shapes, all in order to give you the possibility to edit your PDF to your liking and adapting it to your needs.

PDF Expert: create and edit PDF

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is the essential PDF application thanks to the fact that it is fast, intuitive and very powerful, since it will allow you to carry out any task on PDF that you can imagine, which makes this application a sure hit if in your day-to-day the need to work with PDF documents and above all, the need to edit them.

With this application you can, obviously, read PDF documents easily, as well as highlight parts of it and make annotations on it since it allows you to use the Apple Pencil so that these notes are much more personal, and perhaps also more visual. Of course, you can edit original PDF text, add images and sign documents.

PDFelement – PDF Editor

PDF Element

It is one of the newest PDF editing applications thanks to the fact that it has a completely renewed interface, its enormous speed and, of course, and most importantly, the powerful functions that it has and that give it real value. to this fantastic PDF editing application that is used by millions of users around the world.

It has all the tools that will allow you to read, edit, annotate, protect and create PDF files on your iPad. Accompanied by a very stable performance that gives the user a fantastic user experience when using this application with their iPad. It supports up to 12 languages, it is multiplatform, you not only have it available on the iPad and it has functions that complete the experience such as cloud services, the possibility of using the Apple Pencil, compressing files, dark mode, multitasking … in short, a really complete app to edit PDF.

iLovePDF – PDF Editor and Scanner


It is an application that is capable of offering all the tools to be able to perform a fantastic document management from a single place, in this way you can do your work from your iPad without having to print anything, all from the screen of your Apple tablet. Functions such as reading, converting, annotating or signing PDF documents are really simple tasks to carry out in a few seconds thanks to iLovePDF.

In addition to being a PDF editor, it also has the ability to work as a document scanner. Without a doubt, this application will increase your productivity thanks to all the tools it has and that will make the whole process of working with your documents easier, regardless of where you are at all times.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF

Adobe Acrobat

One of the most popular applications for working with PDF documents is Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s not just a PDF reader, it’s the most reliable free global standard document management system. It has functions such as creating your own PDF documents, viewing them, editing them, signing them and, of course, annotating on them. In this application you will work on the text of the document itself.

Another of the most interesting functions of this application is the possibility that it gives you to work collaboratively with other users thanks to the shared documents, on which you can perform any action you want, even when a modification is made. , the application itself will send you a notification notifying you of this.

Notes Writer – Perfect Notes!

Notes Writter

Notes Writer is an application with a huge amount of functions to be able to work with PDF documents and do almost anything you can think of with them. You can write by hand, annotate, draw, scan other documents to be able to work with them in digital format on your iPad, you can even record notes and documents. Of course, you have the ability to create and fill out forms as well as sign the PDF documents themselves.

Whether you want to write with the Apple Pencil, by hand, with a mouse or with a keyboard, this application will allow you to do it easily. This application is ideal for business professionals, students, teachers, writers, doctors, journalists, academics and any user who needs the services of a truly complete application to work with PDF documents.

PDF Reader – create and edit PDF

PDF Reader

PDF Reader is one of the world’s leading mobile PDF solutions. Optimized for both iPad, iPhone and Mac, it is a mobile reading master with robust viewing, sharing and annotation capabilities that go beyond your expectations of what a reading app could handle.

In fact, this app has been chosen as the favorite application of Apple staff in the App Store and even ranked as the best application in the App Store Rewind Utility category, which indicates the great contribution it can make This application to the user who needs to work with PDF documents and have the necessary functions at his disposal to be able to carry out any action with them.

PDF Pro 4

PDF Pro 4

This application will allow you to read, edit and annotate your PDF documents directly from your iPad and even your iPhone as well. With it you can highlight text, take notes of all kinds, make figures or draw with your own finger. It also has the ability to carry out voice recordings, photo annotations or search for a text in your entire PDF library. It fully supports document signing and form filling as well.

In addition, as we have commented previously, within this app you can have all your files ordered and organized to your liking thanks to the possibility of creating folders, colored labels to further differentiate your documents, apart from the possibility of importing documents from numerous cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Nebo: notes and annotations


If you want to forget about paper, Nebo will undoubtedly help you with it as it will revolutionize the way you take notes at work, in your studies or simply in daily life. With this application you can write documents by hand, add annotations to your PDF documents and of course, it will give you the possibility to unleash all your creativity thanks to the many functions it has.

This app makes handwriting on your iPad as powerful as typing on a keyboard. In fact, it is capable of transforming handwritten documents into digital text documents, all thanks to the fact that it has the best recognition and the best writing-to-text conversion in the world. All this available in up to 66 languages.



Notability is one of the most powerful tools on the App Store for taking notes and making comments in PDF. It has been Apple’s Editor’s Choice and the best-selling payment application in the world since both students, teachers and professionals in the business world use this application daily since it is a truly useful tool that has been designed to be able to take notes at home , at school, at work or wherever you want in the easiest way.

Of course you can import your PDF documents to work on them, in addition to doing the reverse, that is, generating PDF from the notes or documents that you can create within this application. It also has other very interesting functions when it comes to vitaminizing the notes that you can take on a document, and it is the possibility of recording audio notes on the file itself.

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