10 Best Apps for Coloring Pictures on Android

Outside of paper and pencil, it will no longer be necessary to spend notebook sheets to paint handmade drawings or sketches. Android has been a multipurpose platform for a long time, and of course it is already capable of serving as a canvas to bring out that artist we carry inside. That is why we have decided to take a tour of the Play Store and take a look at some apps to color drawings .

They are the best in this category, the most downloaded by users and the best known by the community. As you already know, we always look for the best of the best. Without going further in the presentation, we will review the best apps, suitable for both mobile phones and tablets.

android coloring apps

Happy Color

More than 6000 templates for professional coloring. These drawings have a vignette look, very reminiscent of that of the comics, especially if we paint our favorite superheroes. Beyond that, we have landscapes, animals, plants and countless other drawings.

happy color


We have an extensive catalog to paint everything we want, where templates external to the app can be imported or even, it offers us a section where you can get ideas in a categorized way, for when that inspiration is lacking. In addition, it has mandala drawings, art to fight anxiety and depression.

Paint by number

A collection of templates that is updated with new content on a daily basis, and while it may seem like an app for adults only, the truth is that there is also room for children. Follow a number system to color each segment of the drawing in an orderly manner, with colors assigned to each number, although it also leaves room for creativity.

pintar por número

Pixel Art: Color by Number

This app increases your records to paint a greater variety of drawings. With the same numbering system that the previous app used, add drawings in both 2D and 3D , also including pixelated figures. It is not necessary to acquire a touch pen, simply with the fingers we can achieve incredible results.


One more app for coloring by numbers. Designs with a lot of freshness and a system of clues if the case comes that we do not know how to continue in the drawing, since we are going to find a catalog with different difficulties, some of them being treated almost like a puzzle.

Tap Color Color by Number

These drawings, of which there are an infinity of types and figures, can be brought to life once we have finished our work. They are drawings that can be used as animated wallpapers . On the other hand, it has several categories, of which one is made up of drawings selected by the editors, that is, the most top.


It is a complete painting editor. We not only color templates, but it is possible to add other effects to the same drawing. In this way, we can paint with pencil, wax, glitter elements to give it a three-dimensional effect, etc.


ColorFil-Color for adults

It will not be necessary to emulate the movement of a pencil to fill in the gaps of a drawing with color, just with subtle touches the app will fill the canvas. It contains templates that can be used both online and offline.

Coloring book for me: painting games

Its content goes further, although if there is something that stands out it is the mandala style drawings. These drawings seek to control anxiety and depression through the stimulation of filling in empty spaces with colors, a component that has been scientifically proven to be relaxing. In addition, each touch we make in the drawing is accompanied by a slight sound , which helps even more.

Kawaii Glitter

This app consists of drawing from another point of view. We put kawaii stencils into practice, figures with a more childish tone and characterized by their frequent use of glitter. It includes different types of figures, with very fun and creative animations, in addition to being able to add stickers and other elements to our creation.
kawaii glitter juegos de colorear