Android Phones: How to Improve the Sound of the Speaker and Headphones

The sound of our mobile is a fundamental aspect, if we want to have an acceptable multimedia experience. To achieve this, prior to the purchase of a device, we can take into account aspects related to sound technology such as stereo speakers or even if they have certificates such as Dolby Atmos. However, if we already have the phone in hand, we can also do several things to improve its sound.

android improve the Sound

Wanting to improve the sound of our terminal is not something new. That’s what headsets, software applications, internal sound adjustments, and software updates were invented for. It does not matter that you have a high, medium or low range, any Android terminal can achieve a quality plus, through various adjustments and tricks.

Improve speaker sound

If our goal is to make the Android phone sound better through the speaker, there are several tricks that we can carry out to achieve it. On some occasions we will only need to make adjustments on our mobile, but on others we will need to buy an accessory.

Integrated technologies?

The first action is to search within our own mobile. Many terminals have standard sound enhancements and settings , although they may not be activated. Dolby technology is present in a large number of Android phones, even those of the entry-level range. In case of having this type of function, we can find it in the sound settings of the terminal, or even in a pre-installed app.

smartphone dolby

Bluetooth speaker

It is the best way to give power and quality to our Android mobile. In this case, the sound no longer depends on the speaker of the device , but on a specially designed element. There are many and very varied available to buy on Amazon. Just do the Bluetooth pairing to start enjoying a different sound. In this case, as in everything, we can spend from 5 euros to more than 300, depending on the brand and model. Just below we leave you with several options of the most popular and best valued.

EWA Mini Altavoz portátil

Jack accessory

It is a speaker that connects to the 3.5mm jack of our Android phone and will expand the sound, in addition to improving quality. The good news is that it is a very cheap peripheral that does not exceed 7 euros and that it incorporates a built-in rechargeable polymer battery that lasts up to 6 hours of continuous use.

mini altavoz jack de 3.5

Application to enhance

A third-party application is usually the ideal solution in a vast majority of cases. In this sense, the Goodev volume booster is one of the most popular, downloaded, and top-rated apps in all of Google Play. With this app we will be able to increase the volume by far including interesting adjustments such as allowing the app to start at startup so that it is always operational.

app sonido android

Improve sound with headphones

Similarly, when we put on the headphones, whether they are Bluetooth or cable, we may require higher quality. As before, we can always use the internal settings of our device, as well as third-party apps and higher quality hardware

Quality headphones

By using headphones, a universe of possibilities opens up before us. Sometimes, those that comes in the box of our mobile do not have the necessary quality to enjoy higher quality music or movies. A good option may be thinking about acquiring higher quality ones, whether Bluetooth or wired, in case our terminal allows it.

JBL auriculares

Change audio codec

This option is not available on all Android phones. It is activated from the developer options , and has to do with the Bluetooth audio codec. It works on many smartphones with Qualcomm processor. In this way, we can test the one that best suits our preferences, even increasing the rate to 32 bits.

cambiar de codec

An app also fixes it

A solution that also works, is to download a third-party app that offers more sound customization options and a powerful equalizer. One of the best is Boom. This application has a custom 16-band equalizer and more than 29 presets including three-dimensional sound. It has a simple interface and settings for popular music programs like Spotify. You can download it from the direct link to Google Play that we leave you just below.

Boom App