The Best Apps for Electric Cars: Routes and Charging Stations

Although there are many doubts about the future of electric cars, every day there are more models available in the market and people who are interested in this type of vehicles. If you are one of those who already have an electric or hybrid car or are thinking of buying one, we will show the best apps that should not be missing on your smartphone when you travel.

Main advantages of an electric car

Today we can find certain advantages when using a 100% electric or hybrid car. Specifically, any model that the General Directorate of Traffic itself has labeled as Eco or Zero Emissions.


Zero Emission cars are fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids with an electric range of at least 40 kilometers. For its part, within the Eco cars are the rest of plug-in hybrid models, that is, those whose electrical autonomy is less than 40 kilometers. In addition, non-plug-in hybrids and those using CNG natural gas or LPG liquefied petroleum gas are included under this label. If they have a thermal engine, gasoline must be Euro4 or higher, while diesel must be Euro6 to be within Eco.

That said, among the advantages offered by this type of cars, we find:

  • Typically, they are exempt from the traffic tax or have a high bonus
  • It is possible to circulate with them in cities where traffic is regulated by pollution
  • They do not pay tolls or have a great discount
  • They do not pay parking in regulated areas
  • They allow you to drive along the VAO BUS lane
  • Fuel savings and maintenance

Now, it must also be said that one of the problems we still encounter with these types of vehicles is the charging stations. Therefore, it is important to plan our trip well if we are going to make a long journey and we need to recharge the car.

The best apps for your mobile if you have an electric car


It is one of the reference websites in this particular world of electric cars and also has its own app for iOS and Android devices . Electromaps allows us to locate all the electric recharging points near us or passing through the route we are going to make. In addition, many of these points are connected to the app itself, so it is possible to make payment from your mobile.

Coche eléctrico Electromaps

It also offers us the possibility to check the status of the station in real time, exact address, price of the recharge and parking or see some photos of the station itself.

Charge Map – Charging Stations

It is an app available for iOS and Android devices that stands out for the large community of users with electric cars that share new charging stations, services, prices, etc. every day. It has more than 200 thousand recharging points spread all over the world, so it can be a great ally even when we travel outside of Spain.

coche eléctrico -estaciones de recarga

The information is updated in real time and we can see the opinions of each of the stations left by other users, score obtained and comments they have provided. Therefore, Charge Map allows us to locate the charging stations closest to us and plan our routes based on the information you provide.


For many it is the most accurate app when it comes to locating any charging station in Europe and even the United States. It has hundreds of thousands of stations located throughout the world and offers a series of very useful filters to know the availability, type of charger, price, payment methods and all kinds of relevant information of each station.

In addition, it integrates the own Google Maps app to direct us to the chosen station, so it is always updated. PlugShare is available for iOS and Android devices .

Open Charge Map

It is a fully collaborative application and fully managed and funded by volunteers. Even so, it has become one of the reference apps in this world of electric cars.

estaciones recarga coche eléctrico

It has its website, where users share all kinds of information about the stations and chargers and where they can see comments and opinions of each of them. The app is available for iOS and Android and has other interesting features such as being able to group charging places as favorites on our trips, etc.

NextCharge -Charging Stations

It is another of the apps that has a large database of charging points spread across different countries around the world. It is a collaborative tool, so it has functions of a social network. In this way, we can share our experience in the stations used and that other users do the same to have the best possible information in each case.

next charge coche eléctrico

With Next Charge it is possible to know the type of connector of each station, the power, the price, charging speed, opening hours, services offered, etc. Available for iOS and Android .

Charge and Parking

Charge and parking is also a collaborative platform in which users can reserve parking spaces with charging stations and share new ones so that any user of an electric car has knowledge of them.

As with most of these apps, with Charge and Parking it is possible to search for the nearest charging station, to know the status of the point and how to get there. In real time, from the app it is also possible to know the start time of the recharge and when it ends. Download the app for iOS and Android .

Google Maps

For some time now, Google itself has included the search function of charging stations for electric cars in its Google Maps app. Its operation can not be easier, since it is enough to perform a search for «electric car charging» on Maps and a list will appear automatically by proximity.

In addition, we can also see its location on the map, information about the services offered by each of them and of course, we can start navigation from the app itself to reach the chosen station. Download Google Maps for iOS and Android.


Another interesting tool to include in this compilation of mobile applications for users of an electric car is PlugSurfing. A platform that works with the main operators of charging stations in our country and in Europe and that allows us to have all the necessary information always at hand.

puntos recarga coche eléctrico

In addition to locating the station closest to us, it is possible to know the availability of the charging point, charging speed, price, etc. Available for iOS and Android devices .