10 Best Anti Spyware Apps on Google Play

Spying is wrong, in any situation. In this age of brilliant use of smartphones, the increase in fraudulent situations and extortion has been in the same measure, so it is vital to protect the privacy of users. It has been working for a long time in this regard, as seen in the next arrival of Android 11, but while definitive solutions arrive, we offer you some Anti Spyware apps .

They are apps that protect certain aspects, such as the camera, the microphone or against the applications that have viruses incorporated to do all the possible damage to our smartphones, or worse, to extract personal information. Luckily on Android, we have measures to stop this scourge.

anti spyware app

Spyware Remover

It is an experienced program that tries to protect the device from applications with implemented viruses. It detects those tools that threaten the computer in a hidden way, since they are marketed as programs with parental control , but as we have seen on several occasions, that does not ensure user privacy.

Price: Free

Anti Spy Mobile

It serves as a software scanner to identify possible harmful threats to our mobiles. In addition, it not only analyzes the applications that we already have installed, but also from websites or online downloads that can generate the same effect.

Price: Free

Malwarebytes Protection

Most of the users install it to perform the antivirus function, but the truth is that it also works to detect spy threats. Applications that track locations, voice and calls, none will resist this program, in addition to links that can send us through social networks.

Camera Block Free

There are often many theories on the Internet that mobile cameras are the preferred tools of hackers to spy on and extort many users, in fact, many cases have already been counted. To avoid major ills, we have this app to completely block both the front and rear cameras , preventing them from being activated.

Anti spy: camera and microphone blocker

This app goes a little further, since in addition to blocking the camera, it also disables the microphone. Sadly, it is another of the most recurring means to spy on and capture conversations, so it can be a very useful program to avoid falling into these uncomfortable situations. In fact, it notifies when both sensors are activated or not , and creates a false location to ‘mislead’ hackers.

Microphone Block Free -Anti malware & Anti spyware

Disables the operation of the microphone both in apps that have permissions granted for this sector, as well as the phone calls we make. In this way, we avoid the threat of espionage in any scenario, since we can add the applications that we want to a list optimized directly so that they do not use the microphone at all costs.

Anti Spy and Spyware scanner

Use artificial intelligence to incisively identify spies as hidden ads, fake apps, fraudulent SMS or spam. The app can do automatic scans, but if we prefer, we can do it manually to have greater security, every time we download a new app or update an already installed one.

SpyWare Removal (Anti Spy)

Apart from scanning spy threats and being able to create an exception list, the app has a more pedagogical section, since it shows basic tips to avoid being intimidated virtually . On the other hand, it shows the details of each application that serve as conductors towards the hackers, such as the location, the microphone or the camera. More specifically, it shows the permissions that each app enjoys.

Privacy Scanner (AntiSpy) Free

Another program that detects if they are spying on us through some element that we have on the smartphone. Let’s remember that not only do hackers spy, but our boss, parents and even our partner can also do that task. Therefore, it detects technologies that try to spy on us through apps with parental control or work.

Anti Spy for WhatsApp

And what about WhatsApp? Showing the time of the last connection is not always to everyone’s liking, but sometimes there are parents or relatives who want to be aware of this activity in the social app, so it is a good method to camouflage our last connection , without need to touch WhatsApp settings.