The Best Android Apps to Learn French in 2019

The languages are really important, if you want to know more languages, and travel without problems around the world, this time it’s time to talk about apps to learn French that you must have on your mobile device.

Thanks to the Internet, and the tools it gives us, such as applications, we have much easier to carry out our own training in different areas without going to specialized centers. Learning languages ​​is relatively easy, and especially cheap, from our own mobile or tablet. For this we need only time, intention, and some of these, which are the best applications to learn French that we will find inside the Google Play Store.

Learn French – For beginners

If you start from scratch, this is one of the apps that you should download because it is focused on beginners. It will help you to take vocabulary in the essential fields, an essential step to build knowledge in this language that is new for you.Learn French Free

Learn French for free – Easy and fast

It relies on the SRS system to make learning this language easier for you. It’s interesting, because you’ll have something like a tutor on your smartphone, with advanced techniques, so that it costs you less to learn. The intention is that you find it as easy as possible, and that you have to spend little time.

Learn French for free – Practice the conversation

With different techniques, this app will help you learn to write and speak French fluently. You will be taking vocabulary, and of course applying it in text conversations. And you can see statistics on how your learning process is going and how prepared you are to use your new language.Learn French

Learn French for free – Vocabulary in a full course

This app focuses on audio, so that conversing in French is easier and easier for you. Pronunciation is something important both in French and in any other language, and this app works directly. In addition, he will try to make you take as much and variety of vocabulary as possible.

Learn French le mon bot – With fun it’s easier

When we have fun, the learning process is more productive. This app bets for fun and, although its interface is not the best among the apps in its category, the teaching method is really good. In a short time, we should have good vocabulary and know how to build sentences fluently.

French FunEasyLearn – More than 6,000 words

Here are three levels of difficulty. In the beginner you will learn 1,000 words, while in the middle you will start to drive three times more, and when you get to advance to the most advanced level you will already be handling no less than 6,000 words with learning techniques that will make it easier and faster .

Learn French – Speak and read easily

This app wants you to read and speak French quickly, fluently and easily. That’s why he uses different types of games to help us make learning more dynamic and effective. And it always relies on the audio format, so that oral comprehension is easy for us, and we can also practice the pronunciation of words while reading them.Learn French

Babbel – Short lessons

Babbel goes ’to the point’ teaching us how to handle everyday issues in another language. And it does so in a light way, with lessons that last only 15 minutes, so that it does not make us heavy and, above all, we can make the learning of this language compatible with our day to day.

Duolingo – More than French

Duolingo is a very recognized application to learn languages, because not only can it help us to read, write and speak French, but it also deals with our learning in other languages. The app is very careful at the level of design and functionality and, above all, they have really effective techniques in this area, so it is certainly one of the best apps that we can download.duolingo

Learn simply French – Advanced techniques

Following the general tone of this type of applications, this last option will help us to take vocabulary and build sentences for ourselves. We will take steps, little by little, to be able to carry out both written and spoken conversations, for which it offers us useful audio tools that will help us understand and practice the correct pronunciation.Learn-French