Best Programs to Monitor the Use of the Internet in Windows

Many users want to have control over data consumption on their devices. Sometimes simply by knowing how much data each application consumes; other times it may be to control spending if there is a limit. We can make use of different tools for Windows that allow us to monitor the use of the Internet. In this article we will show a list of some of the most interesting we have found.

Tools to monitor Internet use in Windows

It is not normal for Internet home rates to be limited. However, it can happen that many users use a 4G router and connect through a mobile data rate. We may even share a connection from the mobile phone on certain occasions.
It can be interesting to use tools to monitor the use of the Internet in Windows to really know what our expense is and adapt the rate to what we really need.


One of these tools that we have at our disposal is NetTraffic. We can download it in portable version and also to install in our system. It is completely free and offers us the possibility to monitor the use of the Internet in Windows.

In our case we have tested the portable version. You just have to run it and we will automatically see that in the bottom right, next to the taskbar, it will show us a small graph with summary information.

We can access the icon that appears in the taskbar and see all the statistics. There they will show us data of everything we have sent or received. It should be noted that it can be seen at certain times of time. We can see how much we consume in a specific hour, a week, a month ...

In short, NetTraffic is an interesting tool that allows us to know how much we consume of the Internet in Windows. We can download it from its official website .


Another option we have to monitor the use of the Internet in Windows is NetWorx. The operation is similar to the previous case. Of course, this time we have to install the program, since it does not have a portable version.

Once we download it, we simply have to follow a simple installation process . It will automatically add an icon to the taskbar.

If we right click with the mouse on it, it will show us all the options available to it. There it will show us, among other things, how much we have consumed in a specific period of time that we choose.


NetBalancer is a fairly complete alternative to monitor the use of the Internet in Windows. As in the previous case we will have to install it. Ideally, download it from its official website . The installation process is simple.

Once we have installed it, it will add information in the taskbar. If we open the main screen of the tool, we will see information related to the applications that have access to the Internet. This way we can know how much they are consuming, whether they are active or not, etc.

It also offers detailed statistics by date to know both the amount downloaded and the upload.

Bandwidth Monitor

A classic is Bandwidth Monitor. We can download it from their website . The installation process once again is simple and intuitive and the information will quickly appear in the taskbar.

We can see a lot of usage statistic. We will thus have more control over the actual Internet consumption in a specific period of time.