Tips and Tricks to take care of the iPhone’s Battery

Improving the battery performance of our iPhone without losing important functions or giving it less use is not easy a priori. It is evident that a misuse of the device will cause much of the components to be resented before and mainly the battery. However, making normal use of the device will also resent this part, which is obvious, but we can make it less drastic. That is why in this post we bring you some tips to improve the battery health of your iPhone.

Tips for taking care of the iPhone battery

There are many questions that often delve into the minds of many users. One of them is that it is bad to use the iPhone while charging , and we already answered it in another article. Another one that is also related in some way is to let the iPhone drain its battery . As a general rule this is not a bad thing, although as everything has its ‘buts’. The iPhone, like other devices with batteries, have charging cycles and the higher the consumption of these cycles, the greater the wear of the battery. But what are charge cycles? Well, it is said that a team completes a charging cycle when the mobile is charged from 0 to 100%. We do not always charge the device from 0 to 100, so charging it for example 10 times from 90 to 100 is also considered a complete cycle.

It is said that the 20% battery, from 100 to 80, are the ones that last the longest. So a good tip would be to charge it whenever possible when it is at 80%. Obviously this is something very tedious and even impossible on many occasions, therefore we recommend that you do not limit yourself to continually charging the iPhone at these levels, but do not commit the excess of waiting always to turn it off due to lack of energy.

One myth that exists about charging is that every time we use the device for the first time we must exhaust it until it turns off . This is flatly false . While it is true that the battery requires a few days of use to work optimized, the truth is that there is no specific number of charge cycles for it to be optimal. Nothing happens if you let it run out, but that is not your priority either.

Another myth that must be broken is one that says that having the mobile in savings mode can be bad, which is false. It does not affect the health of the battery itself, nor does it affect the charging of the iPhone with this mode activated. What this mode does is to restrict certain functionalities with the aim that the battery has a lower consumption, but does not adversely affect its degradation.

One more tip to keep in mind, although you can read or listen otherwise, is to have the iPhone always updated to the latest version of iOS available. It is true that at times Apple has had to correct a bug that caused the battery consumption to be higher and that can throw back many, but the truth is that it is always about optimizing consumption. In addition to being updated the iPhone will be safer to have the latest security measures.

It seems of some common sense, but it never hurts to remember that we should not charge the battery in extreme temperature situations. Likewise it is not advisable to have the phone in these temperatures (whether or not it is charging). That is, neither very cold nor very hot. Temperatures below 0ºC or above 35ºC are highly harmful to our devices.

The chargers that we use to charge the iPhone also enter fully into battery care . These, if possible, must be Apple’s originals. Either those that come in the box or purchased later in the Apple Store. However, it is not essential. There are many cables with quality certificates that guarantee its smooth operation. We must distrust more of the chargers with a very low cost and without guarantees of quality, which can be used in specific situations, but they are not recommended for prolonged or habitual use.

Finally, our advice is to calibrate the iPhone battery from time to time. This not only works when the device has an apparent fault related to the battery, but it is also something very advisable to perform from time to time so that the optimization of this is adequate.