Windows 10X: Microsoft Confirms Important New Features

It is something that we have known for a while now, and that is that Microsoft works on its new Windows 10X . This is an operating system specially adapted for dual-screen devices that are expected to be released this year.

At the same time, little by little, some of the features that this new operating system will bring hand in hand have become known. In fact, in the last hours new information has been made public in this regard that will surely be very interesting. In fact, at this time Redmond’s own firm has released some of the best features that we will find here.


Microsoft tells us about some interesting features of Windows 10x

This is something that has been announced in the event for developers of the firm, where Microsoft revealed the key features of the next Windows 10X system. To start, one of the points that have been highlighted, is precisely related to one of the great problems of the current Windows 10 . Specifically we refer to updates. And unlike this, the next operating system will allow us to update the equipment much faster.

Thus, updates will be installed in the background and users can complete the process by simply restarting . Moreover, they claim that this could be done in less than 90 seconds.

Security, a key element in Windows 10X

They have also wanted to place special emphasis on the security section, since they claim that Windows 10X is designed to be secure by default. In this way, applications can access the operating system, but through specific APIs, without going through the registry. But we must also bear in mind that the system will not be limited to UWP applications , as it was rumored at first. Windows 10X can also run PWAs software, web applications, and even Win32 applications .

Windows 10X equipo

But of course, demonstrating that commented security, Microsoft plans to run applications using secure containers. That extends to all application formats, both Win32, and UWP or PWA. This improves the performance of the devices and ensures the operating system. To say that these containers are lightweight and are similar to those we now see in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). At the same time there will be three types of these depending on the architecture of the applications to be executed.

As they claim, Microsoft says that most existing Win32 desktop applications will work on Windows 10X without modifications by the developer. Of course, there will be some restrictions in this regard, for example start apps do not start at the beginning of the session. Similarly, background tasks can be suspended and these applications cannot do anything outside the container .

Performance, another important point in the operating system

Another aspect that the firm wants to take care of in Windows 10X, is that which refers to the performance of the device itself over time. This will also have a lot to do with the containers mentioned above for the execution of applications of different architectures . Thus, what we want to achieve is that even after several months of continuous use, the equipment will work in the same way as the first day we released it.

Microsoft releases File Explorer in Windows 10X

With regard to the Shell of the operating system itself, we will say that most of the Windows features such as windows, or drag and drop, and the clipboard, will continue to work. However, despite having support for Win32 applications, as we mentioned, Microsoft will not let you use the current Win32 File Explorer .

Explorador archivos Windows 10X

On the contrary, we can instead use the UWP File Explorer that is currently hidden in the Windows 10 operating system that we already tell you how to try. Therefore this will be the application for default file management in the new Microsoft Windows 10X.