How to Charge the Battery of a New Mobile for the First Time

One of the characteristics of the technology is the myths and legends that are created around the devices, in most cases without foundation. The same occurs with the supposed steps that we must follow when loading our new mobile , where we have gone so many recommendations that will make us doubt which are real and which are not.

We want to end all those myths that have gradually settled in society, causing unnecessary damage to the battery of our phone, an essential element. The technology applied in smartphones is identical in all the models on the market, so it does not matter if our mobile is Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi or any other brand.

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The myth of charging our new mobile for hours

Among all that we have been able to hear from friends or family, the myth of leaving the new phone charging for hours is one of the most widespread, placing itself at the level of bad that fast charging is for our phones . We must be aware that our new phone does not have any difference with a phone that has been with us for a few weeks or otherwise it would always be advisable to follow the same steps when charging it.

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For many hours that we leave charging our mobile, this will not affect it at all, after 100% there is no more and much less in a mobile that we are launching. The devices have a manager capable of recognizing when it has reached a maximum and at that moment it is deactivated. What if it turns out negative, is to use it while charging, although this happens when it is new or when it has more time.

Never let your mobile download completely

When we premiere mobile, we place special emphasis on caring for it and therefore it is the perfect time to start giving value to all those who are not myths and legends. For years it has been hearing that new phones must drain the battery and then charge it fully, something totally false and that can also damage the battery of the phone.

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The lithium batteries of so smartphones are greatly affected when the levels drop below 20% and therefore it is important to keep this in mind and put it into practice. It is the best measure to ensure that our new phone lasts for several years.

The legend about charging our mobile too many times

When we buy a new phone, our main concern is that the battery lasts forever, but this will be practically impossible. Current technology allows us to use our mobile without problems, for approximately one day. One of the most widespread legends says that if we load it several times a day it will end up breaking sooner.

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This is false, it is true that the more charge cycles you do, your battery will end up noticing. But what is the use of having a new mobile phone if we cannot use it as much as we would like. The same happens with a car, if we buy one but we always use the old one, it will end up breaking from not using it. Enjoy your mobile and charge it as many times as necessary without worries.

Closing multitasking doesn’t save battery

As tempting as it may be to close the multitasking of our mobile, we assure you that the smartphone is smart enough not to need our help. It closes the background applications that have been unused for a while, to give that energy in other processes.

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Many users say that closing apps will have a positive effect, but it is a legend that would rather do the opposite . When closing them, you will have to reopen them and therefore we will be forcing unnecessary processes.

Everything you must do on the first charge of your mobile (and the others)

Beyond the myths, we want to offer you the good practices that we must carry out with the battery of our new mobiles. The methods that will really make our phone last longer than the first day.

  • Use the original charger: A recommendation that we must remember, although in some complicated situation, we can find an alternative.
  • Do not expose your mobile to high temperatures: Heat is the great enemy of technology and we must protect it.
  • Keep our mobile updated: Through security patches we can obtain improvements that protect our mobile from errors with the load.
  • Fast charging does not affect new mobiles either: It is the original charger in most cases and we must use it.