Backpacks with solar panels: advantages, characteristics and models

One of the accessories that cannot be missing in our suitcase when we go on a trip is the mobile or laptop charger. And it is that today we live in a time in which we spend all day connected. Usually, our smartphones offer us enough battery for a whole day or even two, but when we are going to be away from home for many hours, it is necessary to carry with us the charger or an external battery that allows us to recharge our device.

But if our destination is a place where there is no electricity then things get complicated. In other words, if we are going to spend several days in the countryside, the mountains or far from a power outlet, but we need to have a battery in our mobile or laptop, then a great solution is to have a backpack that includes solar panels. If you are thinking of buying one but you don’t know where to start: don’t worry, because next we are going to review some of the advantages that this product offers us and the characteristics that you should take into account for your purchase.

Backpacks with solar panels

Advantages and disadvantages of backpacks with solar panels


  • Energy saving : Of course, the first of the advantages offered by this type of product is energy saving. Charging our devices through the backpack will not incur any cost since we do not plug into the electrical network, unlike what happens when we charge in a plug.
  • Respectful with the environment : By reducing our electricity consumption we will be putting our small grain of sand against climate change, since we will use clean and totally renewable energy such as solar.
  • Duration : As a general rule, backpacks with solar panels are built with excellent materials, which will allow us to extend its useful life . In this way, in the long run, we will also be saving a pinch of money.


  • Price : We are not going to fool ourselves, backpacks with solar panels are much more expensive than the others . Something logical if we take into account the technology they incorporate. However, as we have already mentioned, in the long run this is an investment, since its durability is much greater.
  • Limitations : Although it is not a drawback per se, it is worth mentioning that our backpack will not be able to be loaded with the same effectiveness during the days when we barely see the sun.

mochila con panel solar

Features to consider

When we go to buy our backpack with solar panels we will have to take several factors into account. The first of them will be the storage capacity of the battery of our backpack. The more power you can store, the more devices you can charge. This will also influence the loading speed that it can offer us, something that is also crucial when making our choice.

Of course, we must not forget that, in addition to being a charger, this product continues to fulfill a function as a backpack, so we will have to keep in mind the usual characteristics that guarantee the quality of this product.

In this way, we will also have to ensure that the model we choose has to have an interior large enough to adapt to our needs. Another very remarkable aspect is its comfort since, in addition, the solar panels will add extra weight, so we will need it to have some type of padding on the handles and, of course, several adjustable straps to better shape the weight.

Mochila con panel solar

Another fundamental characteristic that every backpack must have is that of having good construction materials . This way we will ensure that our model will be as durable as possible, avoiding having to buy another one soon.

Finally, we will have to monitor very well what type of connectivity the model that we are going to choose provides us. The most recommended thing is that it has as many different ports as possible, since in this way we can charge several devices.

The best models of backpacks with solar panel

Once we have reviewed everything we need to know to choose a suitable model of backpack with solar panel, the time has come to present you some of the best models that we can find on the market today. Without further delay, we leave you with them.

Backpacks with solar panel for less than 100 euros

SunnyBAG Iconic

We start with the SunnyBag Iconic , a solar backpack with a USB charger that has single cells with 7 W of power and great efficiency to allow us to charge the mobile battery in a time of 2 hours if we are in sunlight.

The interior has a compartment to carry a laptop up to 17 inches while the exterior is made of a highly resistant and water-repellent material.

SunnyBAG Iconic

XTPower SP507BL

Backpack with a 6.5 W solar panel that allows us to charge our mobile phones and other devices by converting solar energy into electrical energy. It has a light and robust design and is made of high quality nylon, so it is waterproof and will be very, very durable. It is also really comfortable, thanks to the pads that we will find at different strategic points on the back and shoulders.

The solar cells of this XTPower SP507BL backpack are highly effective, absorbing more sunlight than standard cells.

XTPower SP507BL

Tomantery solar panel backpack

Our next guest is this Tomantery solar panel backpack, a perfect model for going outdoors thanks to a high-quality and durable nylon fabric that can provide strength and long-lasting performance. In addition, it is designed to store maps, files and basic equipment, as evidenced by the arrangement of its different compartments.

It has a power of 6.5 W and has a waterproof USB output port, so we can charge our devices comfortably and really quickly.

Mochila Tomantery

SunnyBAG 135

We return with SunnyBAG to present you a backpack with a 6 W power panel that uses highly efficient cells, capable of absorbing a large amount of sunlight so that the charge is carried out much faster.

It has an integrated powerband that is charged through the energy captured by the panel and, in turn, allows devices to be charged through a USB port. On the other hand, it offers us a capacity of 15 liters and several compartments that we can customize.

SunnyBAG 135

Backpacks with solar panel for more than 100 euros

XD Design P705.251

We return with this XDDesign P705.251 , a backpack made with recycled materials that offers water resistance and resistance to tears or cuts in the lateral areas. It has an impressive capacity of 18 liters where we can store all kinds of products, materials or resources.

Regarding connectivity, it will allow us to charge our mobile phone or other devices through an integrated USB type C charging port. It has a solar panel on the front of the backpack capable of capturing the sun’s energy and transforming it into electrical energy, which is quite light, since the total weight of the backpack is 1.3 kilograms.

XDDesign P705.251

Sunslice Zenith

Backpack with solar panel with Flex technology of flexible solar cells that makes the panel offer great resistance to shocks and even to water. Said panel is capable of offering us a total of 8 W of power , which is why this backpack is one of those that offers us a faster charge in the entire market.

Another of its strong points is comfort, since it has a padded and really comfortable back. Its breathable fabric will prevent us from sweating more than necessary, even during the hottest days of summer. A true delight.

Sunslice Zenith

Kingsons Beam Backpack

This Kingsons backpack is made of highly resistant to wear and water materials along with an ergonomic design, very light, padded and breathable on the back. It has the capacity to carry a laptop up to 15.6 inches and side pockets for other objects.

It is also worth noting that it has a solar panel with Miasolé cells that convert solar energy into electrical energy. Finally, it offers us great connectivity , thanks to its USB and microUSB charging ports.

Kingsons Beam Backpack

WY-AYNG ‎698-651-136

Our latest guest is this WY-AYNG ‎698-651-136 , a backpack with a solar panel with a charge rate of 9 W, which will allow us to charge multiple devices, even simultaneously. These devices can be easily connected thanks to its USB port, compatible with almost all smartphone models.

It is made of nylon, so it is waterproof and, above all, it will offer us long-lasting performance that will allow us to use it for many long years. A highly recommended option if you have a loose budget.

WY-AYNG ‎698-651-136

Our recommendation

If we had to choose a model whose price is below 100 euros, that would be the XTPower SP507BL . This backpack offers us excellent load capacity, as well as extensive connectivity. On the other hand, it is really comfortable, and if your thing is to go to the mountains or, in short, to nature, it is an option that cannot be overlooked. Great value for the price.

On the contrary, our choice when it comes to models above 100 euros is the XDDesign P705.251 backpack. Its 18-litre capacity, its charging power, the comfort it offers us and its light weight make it a round product that will undoubtedly be able to satisfy the needs of anyone who uses it.