Best External SSDs with USB Connection up to 512GB

Not everyone is looking to have huge capacities when it comes to portable storage devices, despite the fact that in the current market we can already find external SSDs with a USB connection of up to 4 TB capacity. For this reason, if you don’t need as much capacity but you do need the best performance, below we will list the best external SSDs on the market with up to 512 GB of capacity.

Samsung T5

Best External SSDs with USB Connection up to 512GB

This small external SSD has a USB 3.1 interface through a USB-C port (it has a converter for Type-A) and, despite its small size, is capable of providing the same performance as a SATA 3 SSD (540 MB / s both reading and writing). In this case, in addition, it is protected by a one-piece case made of aluminum that not only gives it an elegant touch, but also protects the device and acts as a heatsink.

In this case, it has just 500GB of capacity.

Crucial CT500X8SSD9

SSD externos Crucial CT500X8SSD9

Crucial’s new external SSDs come with USB 3.2 Gen.2 connectivity with a USB-C connector, and are capable of providing transfer speeds of up to 1,050 MB / s. With a design made of very resistant anodized aluminum, the same as the previous one in this case, it acts as a heatsink to keep the device at a good operating temperature.

The SSD comes with a USB Type-A adapter thus maximizing its compatibility, and in this case the device also has an exact 500GB of capacity.

SanDisk Extreme SSD

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD - SSD con cable

We already know these external SanDisk SSDs well, because they are also frequently on sale. In this case, the 500 GB capacity model offers speeds of up to 550 MB / s read and write, through its USB 3.1 interface with USB-C connector, although like the rest it also includes an adapter to be able to use it on normal USB Type-A ports.

PNY Elite Silver

SSD externos PNY SSD Silver Elite

This PNY external SSD model is aesthetically very similar to the Samsung T5, with its anodized aluminum outer casing, but in terms of performance it is below as it only reaches 430 MB / s of reading and 420 MB / s of writing. In addition, this device has 480 GB of capacity, unlike the previous ones, while its interface is simply USB 3.0 with Type-A connector by default.

WD My Passport SSD

WD My Passport SSD externos

Many times we have also seen this device, and it is that it is one of the external SSDs that is often on sale frequently, something that is undoubtedly good because it is one of the best on the market. It offers a capacity of 512 GB with read and write speeds of 540 MB / s through its USB 3.1 Type-C interface. It comes, of course, with an adapter.

Transcend ESD230C

We finish the list with this Transcend model that has already passed through our hands in its corresponding review. The 480 GB model has speeds of up to 520 MB / s read and 460 MB / s write, and has a USB 3.1 interface with a USB-C connector, although like all the previous ones it also comes standard with an adapter for connect to standard Type-A ports on any PC.