How to Avoid Notifications at Certain Times on Your Huawei

The notifications of our mobile show us reminders, emails, messages from other people and all kinds of content through the applications we have installed. They are very useful to keep us constantly informed, although sometimes they can reach us many at once and become really annoying. Therefore, we have several options to deactivate or silence them according to the preference of each user, and in this article we will explain how to do it on Huawei brand devices.

Do you want them not to appear, or not to sound?

As we have already said, you can modify the way you want the notifications of your Huawei mobile to appear. You have two options, either deactivate them completely and not receive any, or silence them so that they do not emit sounds or vibrations, although they will continue to appear in the notification bar. There are several methods, but they are all just as effective.

Configure app notifications

From the notification bar

This is the fastest method. Of course, if you want to activate them again, you must do it from the Notifications menu in the Settings of your Huawei.desactivar notificaciones

  1. On your phone screen, swipe down the notification bar
  2. When you choose the notification you don’t want to receive, swipe left
  3. The Configuration and Delete buttons will appear. Press Settings
  4. Several options will appear: Disable notifications , Use subtle notifications , Delay and More Settings . If you disable the notifications, all the messages will be deactivated automatically and they will not appear in the bar either. If you decide to use subtle notifications, all of these will be muted and only displayed on the panel, so they will not play sounds or vibration. You can also select More Settings, which will take you to the Manage Notifications tab, where you can customize the notifications for each application.

From the Sounds and vibration menu

menu notificaciones

  1. In your phone’s Settings, go to the Sounds and vibration section . Depending on the sound mode you have set, you can do it one way or another.
  2. If you have it in Sound , you will have to move the volume bar of the Notifications tab and set the level you prefer. In addition, in this mode you can configure the Notification Tone in a list of different sounds and you can also choose if you want them to emit vibration or not.
  3. If you have the mobile in Vibration or Silent , the notifications will never emit sounds, but in the first one they will be able to emit vibrations. The easiest option in this case is to set the Silent Mode so that only the volume of the multimedia of your device is activated, although you must bear in mind that this will also affect your ringtone.

Activating do not disturb mode

no molestar Huawei

With Do Not Disturb mode, calls will be muted and notifications will be muted, and only alarms will sound. We can configure several profiles according to our preferences, for example, when we are working, sleeping or doing anything else in which we do not want to receive any message. To do this, you must follow the following steps:

  1. In the Settings menu, we go to Sounds and Vibration.
  2. Once inside, we look for the Do not disturb tab
  3. Within this, click Add . In it we establish the days, hours and the repetition cycle in which we do not want to receive notifications. We can assign a name to each profile to have them located.
  4. Additionally, we find the Allow Interruptions section. Here we can configure whether or not we want to receive Calls or Messages from the contacts we choose, although that is configured in its corresponding section.

From the Notifications menu

Beyond activating or deactivating the notifications of all the applications together, you can also set the symbols when you receive a notification, as well as hide the content of the messages.

notificaciones grupo

  1. Go to Settings and find the Notifications tab
  2. Within this, click on the Batch management section. Once inside you can do it in two ways. The first one is to manage the applications one by one. Select one and press the button to deactivate it. The second way is by managing all of them at once. At the top, tap Manage all to turn notifications on or off for all apps.

From the Applications menu

  1. Go to Settings and find the Applications tab
  2. Once inside, click on the Applications section
  3. A list of all installed applications will appear. Choose one of them
  4. Within the application, press the Allow notifications button to activate or deactivate them

Be careful with system notifications

System notifications, or priority notifications , inform the user of actions to take, such as messages that include features of installed applications, changes that have occurred in the device, or software updates. In other words, the device “forces” you to perform that action. These have ” priority “, and sometimes they can stay longer than normal and be annoying. In fact, Huawei had problems with this type of message in the latest versions of MIUI, although they already seem to have been resolved.

How to disable toast notifications

In any case, those notifications are sometimes pinned to the bar so that certain applications work correctly and there are times that, until the task you request is done, they will not disappear. To do this, the quickest and easiest solution to eliminate them is by clicking on them, since in many cases they are informative. But if it requires any special action, the easiest way is to press and hold the notification and turn off the switch .

Be careful with the ones we disable

However, it must be taken into account that in some cases we may have problems with some applications, since if we deactivate them, their correct functioning may be compromised. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for them to disappear on their own, which happens in most cases. On the other hand, we also find the notifications in the background that some applications show. This means, for this there is a safer solution:

  1. Choose a notification, then drag the notification to the left
  2. Click on settings and open the More Settings option
  3. Once inside, we look at the Data tab in the background , we look for the Importance tab, and we put it in Low