How to avoid Getting Infected with Attachments in the Email

email-attachment-securityWe can be victims of computer attacks that arrive through very varied methods. However, through email we can see how our devices become infected and it is a fairly common source. Especially we can get infected through attachments we receive. Therefore in this article we will give a series of important tips to protect our systems through e-mail. We will explain how to prevent attachments from being a threat and jeopardizing our security and privacy.

How to prevent being infected with attachments

It is by e-mail a method widely used by hackers to send threats. Today virtually all users have at least one email account. It is a widely used and safe method of communication. However, if we do not take the appropriate measures, we can be victims of different types of attacks.

Through a simple attachment that comes to us by e-mail we can put our equipment and our privacy at risk. We will give a series of basic tips.

Common sense

The most important thing is always going to be common sense . Avoid downloading or opening attachments that come from questionable emails. It is vital that we do not interact with these addresses when downloading the files. Even if we receive them from known sources it is always convenient to make sure that it is legitimate.

There are certain types of files that are more dangerous, but we can say that simply with a PDF, text or Excel file they can infect us. For example with a simple Excel file if we enable editing we can activate macros that can execute malicious scripts.

Security tools

We must always have security tools . It is essential to apply it on all types of devices and operating systems. A good antivirus, for example, can help us prevent malware from entering even if we download a malicious file.

Keep in mind that having security software alone will not protect us completely. It is undoubtedly something we must have, but not by simply having it, we will be fully protected.

Updated equipment

Of course the teams must be updated . Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that are exploited by hackers to carry out their attacks. It is essential that we have the latest patches and updates installed. In this way we can correct those security problems that can be exploited by potential intruders.

Never reply to spam emails

Something very important is to never reply to spam emails . Simply by responding they can put us on a list to send emails again in which in the future we can receive malicious attachments. Undoubtedly an interesting way to not get infected with attachments is directly not to receive them.

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Do not automatically download files

Normally our email provider can allow us to automatically download the attached files. This means that opening an email will open an image or download a file directly.

This could be a problem for our security, since it does not give us room to choose whether we really want to open that file or not. In doing so we can put our systems at risk. Therefore it is advisable not to automatically download files whenever possible.

Separate accounts

Finally, an interesting recommendation is to separate accounts . Normally we can have several emails that we will use for personal or work use, for example. It is interesting to create several accounts and separate them properly. In this way we can increase security and avoid problems if they send us a malicious attachment.

In short, these are some interesting tips that we can put into practice to avoid being victims of problems that compromise our security and privacy. It is important that we prevent malware from entering through attachments that we receive in the e-mail.