The Best Alternatives to Microsoft Surface on the Market

Microsoft-Surface-ProThere is no doubt that Microsoft Surface is one of the best convertibles on the market today. But, unfortunately, it is not a product for all audiences … since its price is not precisely adjusted. If you want to have a convertible that is much more sensible in its price, we show the great rivals that the device of the Redmond company has in the market.

Every model you’ll find has something that unites them: the oppressive system they use is Windows 10 , so you can access the Microsoft software ecosystem. Therefore, the experience of use will be similar to that obtained with the device of the company directed by Satya Nadella, and all the software that is available will be compatible which avoids additional investments. The case is that this also has as a positive detail that the use is simple and completely recognizable.

Chromebook y convertible, Google

In what has to do with the performance offered by each of the models we have chosen as alternatives to Microsoft Surface, all models allow a good operation both personally and professionally . This is due to the fact that its hardware is powerful enough (of course, the games are not precisely its objective as it is logical to think) and, in addition, its autonomy allows to use the equipment for a time that fits with the work days or study.

Convertibles like Microsoft Surface, are they useful?

The truth is that more and more users are choosing this type of device to use them in mobility conditions. The reason is that, depending on your needs, it is possible to use them as a tablet or, failing that, as if it were a laptop. Therefore, productivity is always good .

In addition, thanks to the advance in the hardware that is integrated into them, such as the latest generation processors or SSDs, the fluidity achieved with the software is excellent. Therefore, restrictions such as not being able to edit images with solvency or accessing the Internet with speed are things of the past with convertibles. And, all the models that we propose as rivals of Microsoft Surface, prove it.

Windows 10

Models that are an alternative with Windows 10

We have chosen models of all kinds, so that you can find equipment that fits different budgets . But, always, offering a minimum in regards to its quality and performance. This is what we believe should be known to exist in the market:

Lenovo Yoga730

A model that has a 13.3-inch Full HD screen, so it fits perfectly with use in mobility conditions. A very powerful model that offers an Intel Core i7 processor inside and that does not lack a large amount of RAM and a 512 gigabyte SSD disk. With full keyboard in Spanish, it includes Windows 10 operating system and its weight is reduced. A great option when it comes to productivity.

Convertible Lenovo Yoga730

LG gram 14T990-G

The most remarkable thing offered by this model is that its weight is only one kilo, so it is transported with great ease. In what has to do with its finish, being metallic is attractive, and inside the hardware accompanies perfectly. An example is its Core i7 as a processor and the 8 GB of RAM that allow everything to work perfectly. It does not lack interesting options, such as the inclusion of a USB Type-C port and a 14-inch Full HD screen.

LG gram 14T990-G rival de Microsoft Surface


This is one of the models that are a possibility for those who do not want to spend much on a Microsoft Surface style convertible. Inside this model that includes Windows 10, there is 8 GB of RAM and a 256 gigabyte SSD disk. Of course, its processor is a content model: Intel Quad Core N4100. In what has to do with the screen, the integrated is 11.6 inches, with 1080p resolution. It includes both WiFi and Bluetooth.

Convertible BMAX Y11

Huawei Matebook E

A model that comes with the most solvent hardware, and that does not lack Windows 10. With Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM, the storage consists of an SSD disk that offers good performance. The screen it includes is 12 inches, more than correct dimensions and offering a Full HD resolution. Its keyboard arrives in Spanish, and its weight is only 640 grams. Excellent. Its sound is good, since it is compatible with Dolby.

Huawei Matebook E rival de Surface

Teclast F5

With an 11.6-inch screen that can be rotated 360 degrees and has a Full HD resolution. This model that is an option against Microsoft Surface in the case of not looking for a very expensive computer, offers an Intel N4100 processor and does not lack 8 GB to move Windows 10. Its autonomy exceeds six hours of usual use, with a weight of only one kilo. It has HDMI output and a USB Type-C port.

Convertible Teclast F5

HP Pavilion x360

The model we are talking about specifically, which is the 14-ba138ns, is a good option for those looking for a complete and solvent model. It comes with a 14-inch IPS screen that has, among other things, a storage of 1 TB, and goes up to 8 GB in what has to do with RAM. Its Intel Core i5 processor offers good performance while consuming little, so Windows 10 works perfectly. Its autonomy reaches 10 hours of use.

Convertible HP Pavilion x360 rival de Surface


A suitable option for those who do not have great claims regarding storage. The integrated IPS panel is 11.6 inches (Full HD), which allows among other things that the weight is only 790 grams. The processor is a tight Intel N4100 that comes with 8 GB of RAM, so Windows 10 works quite well if it is not very demanding. It is possible to use a stylus since the panel is tactile and does not lack a USB Type-C port where to connect a hub , for example.

Convertible CHUWI UBook


A convertible that arrives with Windows 10 Home installed and offers a metal finish that makes it quite attractive. Inside it includes an Intel Core i5 processor, so it is solvent, and the RAM reaches 8 GB. The screen is 14 inches with Full HD resolution, and storage is resolved with a 128 GB SD disk. It weighs 1.8 kilos, and the keyboard is complete and in Spanish.

Rival Surface MEDION MD61268

HP Specter x360

A team that overflows quality on all four sides, both in its very attractive design and in the components it integrates. Its memory set of 8 GB of RAM and 256 SSDs are a good example, and it does not lack an Intel Core range processor inside to ensure proper operation. Its operating system is Windows 10, how can it be otherwise, and weighs a little more than a kilo. The integrated 13.3 screen is of excellent quality, its resolution being Full HD. It includes extensive connectivity, where USB Type C is not missing.

HP Spectre x360 rival Surface

Lenovo Yoga 530

A convertible like Microsoft Surface that is complete, and has a fairly compensated price for what it offers. With a 14-inch screen and an AMD Ryzen 3 processor – which makes it something different from the rest – good behavior with Windows 10 is guaranteed. It has SSD storage and the RAM is 4 GB. It weighs 1.67 kilos and highlights that it has a useful fingerprint reader to increase security.

Convertible Lenovo Yoga 530