ImmuniWeb, the Platform to Detect Phishing

When we browse the Internet there are many types of threats we can find. There are many types of malware, attacks that we can suffer and, ultimately, factors that can compromise our devices and our privacy. Now, luckily we also have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities to protect ourselves. In this article we are going to talk about Phishing and a platform, ImmuniWeb , where we can analyze if a web page can be a threat.

Phishing, a very present threat

Among all the threats on the network, of all types of attacks that can steal our passwords, Phishing is one of the most dangerous and is also very present. As we know, it is a threat that seeks to steal user passwords and credentials. They use baits to impersonate identity.

These types of attacks can be distributed through varied methods . The most common is usually email, but it could also come via social networks or even a simple WhatsApp message. It is usually a website that looks legitimate. Sometimes it is even an almost exact copy and the only difference lies in a slight change in the domain that is not easy to detect if we do not look closely.

Therefore, it is important that we take into account the risk of such threats . Our passwords could be in danger and it is vital that we know how to detect it. Of course, sometimes we can sneak a link that is apparently safe, but in reality it is not. To avoid this problem and detect fake sites in advance, it is possible to use different platforms and tools. One of them is ImmuniWeb, a very useful service that we are going to show.

ImmuniWeb, a service to detect Phishing attacks

ImmuniWeb is a free platform that allows analyzing a web address. It shows us a series of callsign to know if a specific site is a threat or there is no problem. Its operation is very simple and at the same time useful to avoid problems.

The first thing we have to do to start using it is to enter its website . There we will see the corresponding field to enter the site address. We simply have to put it and give it to analyze. The process may take a few minutes to complete.


Once finished, it will show us the necessary information to know if the website is safe or not. In this way we can avoid entering pages that compromise our security. It is vital to prevent Phishing attacks , as it also shows us if that site can really be a phishing page that can steal our passwords.

It will show us if there is a potential risk of Phishing, if you have found something odd about cybersecurity, social networks, etc. One way, in short, to make sure that site is reliable. Its use is very simple, as we have seen.

In case we receive a URL that we do not really know if it is reliable or not, we can always paste it into this service. This will indicate if it is a threat or there really is no problem and we can enter without compromising our security or privacy.

The importance of network security

It is vital that we maintain network security . On the one hand it will allow our devices to work well and we will not have problems. But on the other hand it will also protect our privacy on the network. It is a reality that today our data has great value on the Internet. This means that a potential marketing company could use that data for commercial purposes or include us in a spam list.

To maintain security, common sense will be vital. Especially to avoid attacks like Phishing. It will be vital not to make mistakes that could jeopardize the proper functioning of the equipment.

It will also be necessary to have security tools and of course keep the equipment updated. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that are exploited by hackers to deploy their attacks. By installing patches and updates we can avoid this.