I have the best repeater but the WiFi does not improve

In an attempt to boost our internet speed, we often opt for purchasing a Wi-Fi repeater. However, this article aims to clarify why this solution may not always be effective in improving your internet connection speed, even if you purchase the most expensive amplifier on the market. We will delve into the reasons behind this and provide you with some tips to enhance your internet experience.

Internet does not improve even with the best repeater

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There are times when buying a Wi-Fi repeater does not improve your internet speed, no matter how much money you spend on it. The reason for this is that sometimes the problem is not related to coverage, or it cannot be fixed with a repeater. This is an issue that many people face, and we will discuss the reasons behind it in this article.

One common issue is having poor Wi-Fi speed due to the network adapter used. For example, the adapter may not be dual-band, or it may not support the maximum speed you have contracted. In such cases, purchasing a repeater will not improve your internet speed.

Another issue is that the location where you place the wireless repeater may not be appropriate. If you put it in an area with interference, such as near a microwave, a television, or any device that uses Bluetooth and the 2.4 GHz frequency, you will not see any improvement even if you buy the best Wi-Fi amplifier.

Additionally, the router itself may be the problem. Sometimes, you may experience slow speed and disconnections due to router failures. In such cases, buying a good repeater will not help you. Instead, you will continue to have the same problems and inadequate speed.

In conclusion, buying a Wi-Fi repeater may not always be the solution to improving your internet speed. Sometimes the problem lies with your network adapter, the location of the repeater, or even the router. It is essential to identify the root cause of the issue before making any purchase decisions.

Speed ​​of a Wi-Fi repeater

What to do to avoid these connection problems

To improve your internet speed and avoid connection problems, it is crucial to have a well-configured router placed in a good location to distribute the connection and avoid interference. To take full advantage of your router, you should use a Wi-Fi channel that is not congested and utilize the dual-band feature if available.

Merely purchasing a good Wi-Fi repeater is not enough, you must also use it correctly. Proper location of the repeater is critical as it needs to be close enough to receive a signal, but not too close to other devices that may cause interference.

If you are still experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi speed, alternative devices such as PLC (Powerline Communication) adapters can be a helpful solution. PLC devices transfer the internet connection through electrical wiring, avoiding common repeater issues like signal loss over distance.

In conclusion, purchasing the best Wi-Fi repeater on the market does not always translate into improved connection speeds. It is vital to consider various factors, such as router configuration, interference, and proper repeater location, to optimize your internet speed at home.