Applications For Blogging from Your Phone

Bloggers all around the world are trying to find what application they can use on their mobile phones and still manage to do everything they imagined on their blogs. It represents a simple, but yet effective way to express their emotions and thoughts through blog posts. Since Internet use became viral, it was clear as daylight that it will be offering dozens of interesting niches for people to do.

Today, bloggers can be seen everywhere as it has become a very popular occupation that fits the interests of many. If we have in mind that the use of mobiles is present in the same quantity as eating bread and drinking water, it is easy to conclude why bloggers want to possess such applications. It allows them to post blogs from any place that provides them with a stable Internet connection. There is no need for rushing PCs or laptops and being fixed for a chair in your room. Consequently, let’s check out what blogging applications are available for mobile phones that can be useful for blogging.

blogging on mobile


Many platforms can help you publish your blog. One of these is WordPress, which is a free hosted option. It is a more robust and flexible platform that can be used to create a variety of websites. It is also easier to customize and manage than most similar applications are. After you post to your blog using this application, make sure to enable the full site or desktop view so that your non-mobile readers can easily see it. That would be beneficial for you as you will make your audience much easier to access your posts so they can keep track of your latest news.

WordPress lets you create and manage your website anywhere in the world. It allows you to publish anything you want, from capturing photos to recording videos while traveling. This mobile blogging tool is a great choice if you are looking for a mobile-optimized and responsive web application. Its UI is very easy to use and navigate. Without a physical keyboard, it was very challenging to write blog posts. With the TouchPad WordPress application that is available today, you can quickly write blog posts on touch devices without even noticing it.


Another blogging mobile application that will be useful to possess on your phone is WooCommerce. It represents a content management system that enables users to publish blog posts. Although it’s built on WordPress, it’s not a completely static website. Instead, it can function smoothly with other content management systems. Customers can also check your blog for news and promotions. By doing so, they will receive valuable content that they can use regularly.

In addition, it allows users not to create the default pages for their website when they first install the WooCommerce plugin. Instead, it will automatically create these pages for all necessary parts of the site. Furthermore, through this application, you can implement information about a research proposal writing service that can be found online. But luckily, you can easily do it with just a couple of pages used on WooCommerce.


Among hundreds of mobile applications related to blogging, Evernote represents one of the most famous in the world. The fact that it has an entire description displayed on Wikipedia shows how big quality it can offer. It is a thing that almost no other application of this type can praise. The promotion of mobile applications is something that all bloggers usually like to know about. It allows them to stay within the trend and follow all the latest things on the Internet. Well, Evernote is a blogging tool that will never get excluded from trends related to blog post writing.

Evernote is a mobile application that enables users to create and organize notes. It can also store and retrieve text, drawings, audio, and web content. It is compatible with various platforms such as macOS. Version 10 is a complete redesign of the desktop clients. It removed almost all of the preferences and gave users the ability to modify application settings which resulted in some problems for non-English-speaking users. But it is not something to worry about.


Writing represents one of the crucial things for bloggers. Through this activity, they are able to express themselves in the way they feel the most suitable. The truth is that writing generally is a popular occupation nowadays that many people like to do. And as an inevitable part of it, there come essays. Even bloggers can write them through the application like a Writer. It is not necessary to search for a legit essay writing service online.

The Writer blogging application for your phone can help you with that. Do you wonder how? It is a simple and elegant writing application that lets you work across several devices. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys writing text, notes, and statistics. The Writer is a writing application that lets you work from anywhere, even while taking notes. It’s also designed to allow you to save and share files with other users. What else can you ask for?


Today, bloggers are blessed to have such interesting and useful mobile applications at their disposal. In the past, when first blog posts appeared, the use of such advanced but yet simple tools couldn’t be imagined. If you are a motivated blogger who struggles to find a mobile phone application that fits your demands, hopefully, we stand on the path to your issues.