If the Apple TV Remote Does Not Work, Try These Solutions

The Apple TV can be a great device that allows you to enjoy your favorite TV platforms, listen to podcasts and even enjoy playing video games. However, little or nothing can be done without the remote control, since it is essential to be able to manage it completely through the tvOS interface. Therefore in this post we show you what to do when Apple TV does not recognize the remote control or it does not work quite well.

Why Apple TV does not recognize the remote?

Siri Remote is the name that receives the latest generation of Apple TV and, as we said, it is essential to perform all the actions on the device. Whether entering an app, moving forward in the timeline of a movie, invoking Siri or managing the volume if we have headphones connected. Therefore it is clear that the incorrect operation of this is an important problem, but do not worry because perhaps the solution is easier than you think.

The first thing you should know is that there really is an alternative for this remote, and the key is in our iPhone. By downloading the Remote app we can have an interactive controller with functions similar to the Siri Remote. This can help us to get out of the way, or who knows if definitively. However you can try to find out what happens to the command and how we can fix it.

Developer: https://apps.apple.com/es/developer/apple/id284417353?mt=12
Price: Free

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On the other hand we find the old controls of Apple TV , which are white or aluminum, unlike the latest generation black. This works by button cell CR 2032 , so its main cause to stop working is precisely that it has run out. You can change the battery to check it, and if despite changing it still does not work you can find another possible solution throughout this post.

Returning again to the case of the next-generation Siri Remote, we can find that one cause that it stops working is because its battery is depleted . As a general rule, this command lasts a long time with a load, sometimes it may even be years depending on the use. However, like any electronic device, it needs to be charged when it runs out of battery. Therefore we recommend you connect it through Lightning to the current and leave it charging for several minutes. Then disconnect it and try using it. If it still does not work you can rule out this possibility, since with a minimum battery it should already work.

There is also the possibility that for some reason the command has been disconnected from the receiving device, so Apple itself recommends following the following tips.

Re-link a remote Siri Remote to Apple TV

  1. With the Siri Remote charging using Lightning, you should aim at the Apple TV at an approximate distance of 8 centimeters.
  2. Press and hold the Menu and Volume Up buttons for five seconds. You may be asked in this part to place the remote on top of the Apple TV in order to complete the link.
  3. Disconnect the Siri Remote from the power and wait for about 5 or 6 seconds and reconnect it to the power.
  4. Aim with the remote about 8 cm from the Apple TV. Then, press and hold the Menu and Volume up buttons on the remote for five seconds. If prompted, place the remote on top of the Apple TV to complete the link.
  5. Unplug the Apple TV from the wall outlet. Wait at least six seconds and then plug it back in.

Re-link a classic remote to Apple TV

  1. Check that there is no object between the remote control and the front of the Apple TV.
  2. Detach the remote control from the Apple TV, by pressing the Menu and Left buttons for 6 seconds.
  3. Find the outcome icon on top of another icon on the remote.
  4. Try re-linking the remote to the Apple TV by pressing and holding the Menu and Right buttons for 6 seconds.
  5. Search again for a link icon above a command icon.
  6. Now disconnect the Apple TV from the power and wait approximately 6 seconds to reconnect it and check if the remote control already works.

Once these solutions have been tested you should have the operational command again, in case it does not work it could be a problem with the signal receiver of the Apple TV, although this case is quite strange. In any case you will have to go to an Apple Store or Authorized Technical Service to change the command for free if it is under warranty and has not been damaged . In case the warranty has expired you will have to buy a new remote, in the case of the classic you will find it for € 25 , while the Siri Remote amounts to € 65.