Do You Want to Capture Some Action Scene? Use the Burst Mode of Your iPhone 11

If you want to capture an action scene in a photo, without a doubt the best option is to use burst mode. This way of taking pictures has changed slightly on the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. In this article we tell you how you can take pictures in burst mode on these new iPhone.

So you can use burst mode on iPhone 11

In the past, to use the burst mode, we simply had to hold down the shutter but now we must follow the following steps:

  • Press the capture button a photo.
  • Without lifting your finger from the screen you should slide it to the left.
  • When we release our finger, the iPhone will stop taking pictures.

modo rafaga iphone 11

When the burst mode begins we will see how the shutter shows a number that are the photographs that have been taken. Once we lift our finger we can go to the Photos application and we will see a stack with all the photographs of the burst that we can keep or simply eliminate the one we do not want or has not left in a correct way to stay with the one that has better captured the ideal moment.

Specifically in the application of photographs to have everything much more orderly, an album called “Bursts” is created that will make us more visual to have the bursts that we have captured where we will have to spend some time to select the best photograph.

We must be very fast when making the left shift, because if we do not do it quickly we will activate the QuickTake mode . With this mode Apple wants to simplify life when making a video without having to go looking for the right way. With a long press on the shutter the camera will start recording and if we move the finger to the left a lock is activated so that we can comfortably record any moment.

This is really comfortable to capture fast moments of the smallest of the house or if you do not have much time to make a video. Although it is a function that you are not going to use every day, it is certainly comfortable and also reminds us a lot of how stories are recorded on Instagram, so if you use this social network a lot, this way of making recordings with your iPhone 11 will be more natural. or iPhone 11 Pro .

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this way of using the burst mode.