Apple admits that iPhone 11 Pro Collects Location Data Without Our Permission

Although Apple wants to show that it is very committed to the privacy of its users, the truth seems to be quite different. As a security researcher has discovered, the iPhone 11 Pro would collect data from our location even if we have expressly blocked it from doing so.

According to the researcher, Apple has admitted this fact by scrutinizing what the expected behavior is. In order to demonstrate this discovery, KrebsOnSecurity recorded a video that uploaded to its YouTube channel and sent to Apple for resolution . But from Apple they have responded that the normal behavior of some system services and s continue to collect information from our location even though we have expressed that we do not want it done.

Apple ignores the wishes of its users and continues to collect data

The researcher explains the problem as follows:

One of the most curious behaviors of the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro is that it searches intermittently for user location information, even when all the applications and system services on the phone are individually configured to never request this data. Apple says this is by design, but that answer seems to disagree with the company’s own privacy policy.

As we say, Apple has always had an admirable privacy policy but this fact makes this totally in doubt. If we look at the Apple privacy policy document, we observe the following paragraph: “You can also disable location-based system services by going to System Services and deactivating each system service based on location.”

But it seems that this is not true since as we observed in the previous video, although we have uninhabited the location options, an arrow still appears next to each process. This arrow indicates that the system continues to track our location even if we have disabled the option.

You can verify this by yourself if on your iPhone you go to Settings> Privacy> Location> System services and we will manually deactivate each of the applications, but over time we will observe that the location is still being accessed.

While Apple promises us that we can have absolute control over the data that the iPhone collects from our location this contradicts it completely. We believe that in the future from the company they should fix this problem or simply change their privacy policy to clarify that location data is still collected even if we deactivate it. This may be necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment but it is worth noting in its policies.

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