Apple iPhone 13: all its features, specifications, photos and price

Apple‘s renewal for the iPhone 13 has brought relevant changes and some important aspects that have been limited to the Pro models. An iPhone that will boast as on other occasions a tight size, the best chip and dual camera.

The generation jump has not brought relevant changes in this model, which if for many it has already been a “soft” change in the Pro models, it has been even more so in this case. We are going to know the complete information sheet of the iPhone 13 to clarify all the doubts that we may have.

Design and display

iphone 13

We start with one of the great changes that we will be able to visualize when putting an iPhone 13 in front of the iPhone 12, it is the reduction of notch. After a lot of asking users, it has finally arrived, managing to reduce it by 20%. That has not caused any of the many sensors that make up Apple in the notch to have disappeared, nor has Face ID that will continue to be in charge of unlocking the iPhone with the face, improving this system at the same time.

The screen repeats the 6.1-inch measurement with OLED Retina technology and Full HD resolution. In this case, what has changed is the brightness to reach 1,000 nits, allowing us to better see the contents in full sunlight, when it could be more difficult to enjoy the panel. Super Retina XDR technology is once again a highlight, offering us colors that are very faithful to reality.

The frames remain flat after the integrated pro Apple redesign, although in the lenses the position of the cameras has been modified to form a ladder with the two lenses. It is not forgotten to include IP68 resistance to water and dust to give us peace of mind on a day-to-day basis.


We come to one of the most important aspects for this iPhone 13, its generational leap in the processor to have the A15 Bionic chip. Manufactured in 5 nanometers, it promises to get the colors out of the competition.

procesador apple a15

According to Apple, the improvements have focused on power, applying artificial intelligence to all processes and, in turn, making the power of the iPhone not so affected in certain complex processes.

As is usual, we do not know the RAM that accompanies it, but if the memory that in this case starts from 128 GB of internal memory, with an option of 256 GB and 512 GB. As it has been happening other times, without the option of using a MicroSD and having to choose or the Apple cloud.


Although all the flashes have been taken by the iPhone 13 Pro, the camera section on the base iPhone 13 has also improved significantly in terms of hardware. In it we will find a much brighter sensor thanks to the opening f / 1.6 in the main lens and f / 2.4 for the ultra wide angle. A few points that arrive loaded in addition to a lot of software, so that Apple once again shows where it is difficult for the competition to face.

Something that Apple has given great importance to during the event has been the new cinematic modes, with which it wants to take advantage of the stabilizer with Sensor-shift technology that enters both lenses. Hand in hand with it, we will be able to get movie results from the iPhone itself without even post-production.

iphone 13 camaras

The focus of the subjects is its most prominent function, managing to attract attention in an area of the screen as we would with professional cameras but without having to carry it, only with the smartphone. In front, the selfie camera remains identical, 12 Mpx which, like the others, benefits from advanced HDR processing.


Again, the charger is not included in the box, but we will be able to use the MagSafe to charge it or to use one of the many accessories available. In this iPhone 13 the battery time has increased considerably, since we now enjoy 2 and a half more hours of autonomy.

This will mean that the battery has increased and / or that the rest of the elements have been optimized to achieve it. Since Apple does not offer us the data, we can only stay with that jump in time, which can make the difference between the battery that falls short, even the one that offers us to reach the end of the day without missing a plug to connect it.

What you lose compared to the iPhone 13 Pro

More than differences with its older brother, the iPhone 13 remains a step below without being benefited by many of the changes that we have seen in the other model. This iPhone 13 begins by forgetting about the 120 Hz screen and continues to be at 60 Hz, which could be key to that increase in autonomy.

iPhone 13 Pro y iPhone 13 Pro Max

In cameras of course we are left without a telephoto lens, which is reserved for the Pro, without the possibility of zooming in conditions. It should also be mentioned that there is no trace of the Lidar sensor, so difficulties in low light will continue to be very difficult.

Another aspect that perhaps does not stand out for many is that in this case we do not have 1 TB of memory and it is limited to 512 GB. Since we do not have a screen beyond 60 Hz, we do not benefit from ProMotion, one of the best new features of Keynote. Nor do we have ProRAW, to make all the possibilities in the hands of multimedia creators a reality.

Price of iPhone 13

One of the great attractions of this iPhone 13 compared to its brothers is what it will cost us, a model that significantly improves the cost taking into account that the 64 GB memory versions have been eliminated and the 128 GB have adopted their price. We can choose colors between pink, blue, black, white and red; for the following price in our country.

  • iPhone 13 128GB: 909 euros
  • 256 GB iPhone 13: 1029 euros
  • 512GB iPhone 13: 1,159 euros