Apple Fitness + vs Nike Training Club: Features and Price Comparison

Exercise is a fundamental part of many people’s lives. Thanks to technology, you no longer need to exercise outside the home and this is the goal of Apple Fitness + and Nike Training Club. We tell you the differences between the two services below.

Exercising at home: goal of both services

What is the function of Apple Fitness + and Nike Training Club? Both have the challenge ahead of offering users the ability to exercise at home. This breaks with the idea of having to go to a gym with numerous machines in order to lose a few extra kilos or build muscle mass. With an iPhone you can have access to a personal trainer thanks to these two services that will offer you the way to do exercises correctly at home.

Apple Fitness + vs Nike Training Club

Although both services can be used comfortably at home and even on the street to record running, there are numerous differences between the two. We will tell you about them below.

Variety of exercises and plans

Undoubtedly, in services of this size, the variety of exercises should be valued above all, as well as the plans available. You should always think that these services can be used by people who have trained at some time and know how to start, what a routine is or how to do an exercise. This does not happen in someone who does not have any kind of experience in the gym world. This is where the quality of services must be demonstrated.

In general, both Apple Fitness + and Nike Training Club have a very good variety of exercises that are well distributed in different blocks. Depending on which part of the body you want to train or simply if you want to lose weight with cardio exercises, you will find them in each of the services. Obviously, for an exercise to be a success, you must have your breaks marked with a duration that will vary depending on whether you are going to do anaerobic or aerobic exercise at specific repetitions. All these parameters can be consulted in a simple way in both cases.

Once the exercise to reality or the fixed routine has been chosen, we will see a video playback where it will be explained what to do. This is where we can notice differences between Nike and Apple. In the second case, you can see that the treatment is much more personal and fluid, as if it were a real trainer in a gym room. In the case of Nike, it can be seen that it is more artificial with a simple video recorded showing the exercise but without that point of naturalness. What is clear is that the professionals of both platforms have the necessary knowledge to carry out the training in the best possible way.

In the case of Nike, it stands out for the possibility of running easily and also for having routine plans that are more consolidated. This makes it much more like the experience of a gym.

Integration with the ecosystem

One of the most important differentiating aspects undoubtedly lies in the ecosystem. While Nike Training Club works through a simple app available on the App Store, Apple Fitness + is different. The latter, of course, integrates perfectly with all the company’s devices. It stands out above all for being able to transfer the image to the Apple TV screen. It is here where the user can view the entire training in a comfortable way as well as the time they have been training, or metrics as important as heart rate. Being integrated into Activity, the Apple Watch rings will be completed while you train. In addition to the Apple TV, it can also be found on the Mac.


In the case of the Nike option, it will only be integrated with the Apple Watch. Here, different health parameters will be recorded that will be exported to your history at the time. But you will not be able to have information as valuable as your heart rate always in view on your television screen since it will normally be in the room where you do the training. This is a great difference that will mark the comfort between the two services.

Which is cheaper?

When hiring a service or downloading an exercise application, without a doubt one of the factors to decide between one and the other is the price. It is important to note that Nike Training Club is totally free with more than 180 exercises. This does not happen in Apple Fitness + where a subscription of $ 9.99 must be paid each month.

Availability by country unbalances the balance

One of the main differences between the two services undoubtedly resides in the availability in the different countries. While Apple Fitness + is very limited to English-speaking countries, specifically Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the United States . Nike Training Club has much higher availability in more countries. That is why the user base that can use the service is greater in the second case. This without is a great disadvantage towards Apple that makes the balance completely unbalance between the two options.

nike training club

Given the possibility of using Apple Fitness + or Nike Training Club, although the former is better, users will be forced to use the one available in their country. This is a problem that can end up being solved in the future since even though the training sessions are not translated, it is not necessary to have a lot of knowledge to follow a series of trainings.