Android Phones: How to Know the Public or Private IP from Your Phone

There can be many reasons why we need to instantly know the IP of our Android mobile. Sometimes we need to configure a specific application, or it may be requested by a service provider for technical assistance. In any case, our terminal has this information that we can access in a matter of seconds.

Android Phones Public or Private IP

In this sense, any Android terminal has this information within its settings, which may vary slightly from one model to another. Before continuing, it should be remembered that generally, the IP displayed by our mobile is the Private IP, that is, the address that identifies our device within the network . In this way we can identify various devices, including those in the home connected to the same network, such as tablets or other computers.

Methods to know the IP

How to check the private IP

In most terminals the method is consulted in the same way, but it can vary depending on the customization layer of each manufacturer. In many Android devices, it will be enough to enter Settings / Networks and Internet and click on Wi-Fi. Once inside, tap on the name of the network and click on “Advanced” . Within that sub-menu we will see the details of our IP address. In other devices, we will have to go to Settings / System / About the phone to find our IP. Another variant is to enter Settings / Status, where various information about the terminal is offered, including the IP.

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And the Public IP?

This type of IP, called public or global, is how our network is identified with the other devices that connect to it. This address is shared with all other devices, be they other mobiles, game consoles, tablets and other computers. In this case the solution could not be easier, to be able to see it from our mobile. In this case we will only have to open our favorite browser and go to this link, although there are also countless similar pages. Once inside we can know our Public IP instantly.

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With an app

Through an app we can instantly know both types of addresses. There are dozens available on Google Play compatible with Android, but we leave you with just below with the download of What is my IP address“. The application is just over a mega and offers what it promises without great frills. It is a quick method of knowing our IP without going to menus or surfing the net.

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