The Advantages of Maintenance Mode for Your Huawei Mobile

Almost all the tricks of EMUI 10 and previous versions of the operating system are hidden in the configuration of the mobile phone, but the support center, formerly known as HiCare, has a multitude of tools that you do not know and that can help you a lot when working with your Huawei.

Advantages of Maintenance Mode Huawei mobile

We have already told you about the support app from time to time, since it is the easiest way to force the update to EMUI 10 on your mobile . However, it is not only useful for this since it is a complete compendium of Huawei reeds and has tools such as Maintenance Mode, ideal for when you must dispose of your mobile when accessing an enclosure or when you have to deliver it to the technical service.

Maintenance mode, get to know it thoroughly

Under this mode hides the possibility of “capturing” access to our personal data by all means available and by credit. In this way, if a person in charge of the technical service were “too” curious, it would be impossible for him to access our social networks or content stored on the mobile phone, since it is this mode of Huawei that prevents it.

oferta Huawei P30 Lite

When this mode is activated, nobody can access your personal data because it isolates you and cannot be seen. Technicians will be able to carry out software tests or component repairs, but all addresses, telephone numbers, photos, SMS and even passwords for accessing social networks are blocked and files appear empty.

How active?

Before activating it, it is appropriate to make a backup copy of your data in case, for whatever reason, the repair involves a change of the motherboard that destroys all the information protected by the EMUI Maintenance Mode .

Once done, you simply have to access the Support app and, in the navigation bar at the bottom, select the “Support” option. Once inside, access the “extra” settings that appear when you click on the 3-dot icon in the upper left corner and choose Help and technical assistance. Here you must access Maintenance Mode and enable it on the screen that opens below.

Modo mantenimiento Huawei

This option is present in Chinese mobile phones that have EMUI 8 or higher, although it depends on the specific model. If the tool does not appear in the settings of the support app, it is that it is not compatible with your mobile model.

How do you get out of this mode?

When Huawei Maintenance Mode is activated, a notification appears at the top of the screen. You must select Close on the screen that opens and enter your password or unlock pattern to recover the normal state of the phone.