Android Go Phones: are They a Mistake or a Success?

It has been a long time since we first heard about Android Go, specifically it happened in the year 2017 and from that year to the present, many things have changed around the software and hardware of the devices. All the changes have made us rethink whether buying a mobile with Android Go is really a good idea or we are really making a mistake.

Android Go Phones

Although things have evolved since Android One and Android Go were released, this has not been very sophisticated and currently in Android 11 Go edition we have many doubts in the usual day-to-day use of a user. This lightweight Android system , which in turn limits the system applications to offer us alternatives such as YouTube Go, Gmail Go or Maps Go among others, has few defenders and they seem to have fewer and fewer.

Few Android Go phones on the market

The first thing we must consider when we are interested in acquiring an Android Go mobile are the options we have in mind, where the first problem comes. As much as we search, the options are minimal or non-existent and it is that few manufacturers have supported Google in this idea.

samsung galaxy a01 core

If we have to mention a few, we find the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, the Nokia 1, Nokia C2, Wiko Y61 or the Wiko View 2. Other manufacturers such as Huawei or the group to which OPPO belongs has not chosen to launch smartphones with this system. The terminals that we have seen few know about them since they do not appear in the options of most users due to their limited characteristics, a subject that we will talk about next.

Are its features enough?

In the latest version the maximum characteristics have changed and the specifications for mobiles with Android 11 Go we find mobiles with up to 2 GB of RAM. Regarding memory or processors, no mention is made, but in most cases the combination with such a low RAM is related to 32 GB. This places us in front of mobiles more typical of the year 2018 than of today. They will be enough features to open the Google Go apps, but if we want to consult social networks, take photos or video calls, we will have serious problems.

android 11 go edition

We must also remember that in the Android Go it does not happen as in the Google Pixel, because Google sends the updates to the manufacturer and it is the latter that makes them reach the mobile with Android Go. This delays the process and in some cases it may take us several months to be able to enjoy a new version, especially when dealing with mobiles with a low reception among users.

Saving is the best alternative to Android Go

The price would be the last drawback that makes us forget Android Go as an option, since the devices that we find with this software are around 80 or even 100 euros, a price for which we already find options with better features from manufacturers like Xiaomi or Realme. The entry-level range has gained followers and this limited software has practically remained in the memory.

realme c11

Although the price of some entry-level devices is 20 euros higher, it will always be a better option to wait and save that money, before buying an Android Go mobile that limits us in everything we want to do with the phone.