Huawei May Not Use Snapdragon Processors

Huawei continues to pass the drink due to the veto of the United States. In addition to being prohibited from installing Google Services on its devices, the Chinese company has problems to continue to implement high-end processors in its devices. The Kirin series appears to be over, and alternative options such as using Qualcomm chips do not appear to be viable for a firm that claims to be on the cutting edge of consumer 5G technology.

Huawei Snapdragon

The problems that Huawei is going through in the West are being taken advantage of by other brands, which already see a piece of cake that is too juicy. In addition, we must add the arrival of other important actors, such as the recent landing of Vivo in our country. Meanwhile , Huawei struggles to find options that allow it to keep its consumer division alive, at least in the West. Reports coming from China and collected by GizChina indicate that Huawei may not be interested in Qualcomm chips.

License yes, but not as Huawei wants

If we rewind the tape, we will remember that Qualcomm has obtained a license to be able to supply processors to Huawei, but on the condition that they are 4G processors. According to the source, Zhang Pingan, the president of Huawei’s cloud services for companies, has stated that the firm is considering other options and that Qualcomm is not the first on the list.


This would not be a problem in the short term, since 4G mobiles will continue to contain 5G chips for quite some time. However, we are already beginning to see 5G terminals in the mid-range and it is a matter of time before they land in the entry range. This would put Huawei at a clear disadvantage again. The big question is whether the P50s scheduled for the beginning of the year will have the Kirin 9000, although Huawei has already stated that quite possibly the Mate 40 have been the last smartphones of the house with Kirin.

What is Huawei’s plan B?

The problem is that Qualcomm, MediaTek and HiSilicon itself, responsible for Huawei Kirin, entrusts the manufacture of the chips to TSMC, a Taiwanese company that uses American technology, and that is where Huawei’s plans to count to short term with high-end 5G processors. Huawei’s plan B of having HarmonyOS or any other software alternative to save Google’s veto , has no parallel with what it means to set up its own factory of flagship processors from scratch, and that is something that Huawei did not have.

potencia inteligencia procesador kirin huawei

However, according to the Financial Times, Huawei plans to build a chip factory in Shanghai , which does not use American technology. According to the source, the manufacturing plant is expected to start manufacturing low-end 45nm chips. Huawei has resources to spare for this and other companies, no matter how large, but it is time that runs against the Chinese firm.