Android 13: 4 things you should know about the new update for your mobile

07Not all mobiles are compatible and will receive the new Android 13 operating system. However, if yours is and you want to know how the new update will affect you, in addition to the most commented improvements that have been discussed in recent months, I’ll tell you.

This information is relevant to you if you are thinking of updating your mobile or have done so and have been left with any questions. What does it consist of?

Android 13

Not all the news will reach your mobile

Despite the fact that your smartphone reaches Android 13 , not all mobile phones will enjoy it equally. For example, Google has not exported some of its functions and news to mobiles from other brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Realme. In this case, you will have to wait for them to do it personally or do without them because they leave them exclusively for their Google Pixel.


Among the functions that you will find only in Google mobiles, I would highlight the option to force the color of the icons or spatial audio with headphones. As the system continues to evolve, we can run into others, although we must know that the reverse also happens, Samsung or Xiaomi have many extras that are impossible to use with Android 13 on the Pixel.

You can have apps in different languages

One of the main novelties that you will find is that you will be able to configure the language of each application from the settings, in case it is more comfortable or necessary for you to handle certain applications in certain languages. Or if you want to practice a language and this helps you.

You just have to go to the languages section from the mobile settings and look for the application languages option. The route is simple, although it depends on the model you have. You will be able to see a list of apps installed on your phone and you must click on their name to see the available options, such as setting another language.

idiomas Android 13

You can do this in each of the applications you want without changing it in the others. Of course, the applications must be prepared and be compatible with this new possibility. You can also change the main language of the mobile, something that you could do until now.

Your privacy and security will not be the same

Android 13 represents a great leap in terms of these two sections, and they have worked hard to make it a reality. The operating system is prepared to keep your data safe at all times, so you have more control over the information that apps can access or not. This includes videos, photos, and your clipboard history.

privacidad Android 13

You can choose which apps can send you notifications and which ones can’t, so that nothing bothers you or isn’t too intrusive. You will also be able to know the apps that have had certain permissions and that have used them, in addition to the moment in which they have done so.

You can configure everything that matters to you from the privacy and security sections , within which it is important that you pay attention to the permissions.

You can omit your location , remove camera and micro permissions, set passwords and whatever you want. Everything is much safer if you know how to take advantage of all the possibilities of Android 13 on your mobile.

May have bugs

Even with the stable version of Android 13 you can find some bug or error. This is not so much due to the operating system as the customization layer that is based on it.

A clear example of this is found in devices such as OnePlus and Realme that are having errors in adapting to the new version. Some have already been fixed, but others are a serious problem for its users even today.

fallos carencias problemas Android 13 enfadado

One of the most important is related to the fact that the battery consumes quickly , although there are many more of the most varied. It is to be hoped that the brands will fix it as soon as possible since, aware of the situation, they will be working to improve it in future updates.