Analysis of the Galaxy S23 Ultra cameras: Samsung's photographic revolution

Samsung‘s new generation flagship is here to stay. The Galaxy S23 Ultra not only boasts a 200 MP main camera and two high magnification telephoto lenses , but its quality also results, providing the possibility of achieving impeccable images in every way. Discover in depth the photographic characteristics of the Android star mobile in our analysis.

Before going into the performance tests in depth, it is important to highlight the composition of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera configuration, made up of the following sensors: a 200 MP main lens with f/1.7, a 12 MP wide angle with f/2.2 and 120º, a 10 MP telephoto lens with f/2.4 and 3x optical zoom, and a second 10 MP telephoto lens with f/4.9 and 10x optical zoom; on the front it equips a 12 MP front camera with f/2.2. In addition, it has optical stabilization technology and Dual Pixel to improve the final result through more precise images and with a better similarity to reality.

Galaxy S23 Ultra cameras

The cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are incredible

Next we are going to analyze the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra one by one with the aim of discovering its potential and if it is, exactly, the best camera in the Android ecosystem . The South Korean company has put all the meat on the grill with guaranteed hardware and software, so it’s time to check what the ceiling of photography on smartphones is:

Galaxy S23 Ultra main camera

In the first photo we find an image taken at night with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra where you can see the great result in terms of colorimetry that it achieves, providing great detail of the plants and sand, as well as the sky and water. The lighting is excellent and not very artificial, as it realistically reflects both shadows and light.

On the other hand, the second photograph shows the focusing ability of the main 200 MP camera together with a perfect cropping of the leaves. Again, it denotes a great realism in the colors of the capture, since it does not pull artificiality to rescue the image. Likewise, the background is appreciated in detail despite the excellent blur it presents.

To finish with this main camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, we are with a photograph with many elements and colors . In this situation, the performance is outstanding with a high level of sharpness and detail. The processing highly respects the naturalness of the tones and we do not see any overexposure.

Selfie camera

Portraits with the selfie camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are ideal and focuses on the subject of the image with great precision along with a captivating level of detail. The representation of skin tones is almost perfect, although it offers an experience very close to the Google Pixel 7 Pro in this regard.

Wide angle camera

The truth is that the wide-angle sensor of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the one that stands out the least because the telephoto lenses and the 200 MP lens take center stage. Even so, this camera takes some interesting photos, since it does not have curved edges that mar the images, creating a spherical effect. In the same way as the main one, the colors feel natural and, despite the fact that the detail is not so good, the results are very striking.

Galaxy S23 Ultra telephoto lenses

It has become quite clear that Samsung is the leading company when it comes to it and the Galaxy S23 Ultra is yet another proof of that. We already gave you an article in which we talked about the top-of-the-range zoom of the Korean brand, so we are going to briefly summarize our impressions, which are extremely positive. With the incredible magnification that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has, you can photograph elements regardless of the distance . In the images above you can see how the lighthouse looks from the other side, without losing much detail and keeping the colors faithful.

The 10x digital magnification is now 30x and the image processing is clean enough not to lose sharpness . In addition, you can also take photos at 100x, although this implies a greater loss of quality. Likewise, it is possible to distinguish the subjects of the capture. It’s certainly a 10 out of 10 on this camera and overall too. A bet on another level that crowns Samsung as one of the dominant companies in mobile photography.